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Sept 2022 - Pam Montgomery

Plant Communication: Reclaiming Our Birthright

A zoom presentation by Pam Montgomery

I thought that this was another world-class presentation to the Group of

Five dowsing groups from Devon, Tamar, Trencrom, Somerset and the Thames Valley. We also have members from across the country, and indeed overseas, who joined us for a remarkable presentation that Pam commented was really just scratching the surface.

There were 77 ‘Participants’ with several screens having more than one attendee. The compliment was returned when Pam said that her friend Patrick MacManaway, who also lives in Vermont, had told her that we was a great group to talk to.

Pam had my attention at the outset when she said that language is the least efficient form of communication. I instantly thought of my past teacher training that ranked ‘teacher speaking’ as the least effective form of student learning. I also thought of all the words in dowsing terminology that cause confusion, when different dowsers use different language for the same concepts.

She breaks down the word “Communication” to “Communion” and then “Common Union”, and spoke with some references to current science as well as heartfelt eloquence about how our breath of life comes from the green beings. They breathe in our out-breath, carbon dioxide, and we breathe in their out-breath, oxygen. A symbiotic relationship. There is no other source of oxygen. Plants, trees, and sea vegetables account for 99% of life on Earth and they are very successful. They have been present on Earth for 1.8 billion years and have the wisdom of the long view!

Pam spoke of Biophilia, a love of natural systems, and how that is also a two-way street - as plants love us too. We’re in a relationship with plants from Day 1, and have a NEED to be in close proximity to that which gives us our life.

She spoke of how the Heart is the primary organ of perception, and how the Brain carries out the decisions of the Heart. She spoke of Coherence and Entraining, which I have to presume is the language used in a particular branch of science.

For the increasing number of us who talk to trees, I found it gratifying to hear Pam explain how by appreciating a tree we give positive impulses that elevates the Heart to Coherence, and from there Entrainment with the Brain, and also Entrainment with a tree, Heart to tree.

There’s a simple meditation that I do from time to time to connect my heart and brain, of which the primary component is feeling one of - Care/Compassion/Gratitude/Appreciation. And here was Pam Montgomery talking about exactly that - specifying that it had to be non-judgemental. It is those feelings that help the Heart be Coherent.

She spoke of research into oxytocin, a bonding hormone that is released at Wow moments. Cell receptors take up the oxytocin, which generates a restorative response that is very different to the Stress Response (cortisone) - and that we need more of it to restore us to the Balance Point.

I was taken with what Pam said about photosynthesis, producing cells from light, and how science is showing that the main ways this takes place is via Light and Sound. I knew about photosynthesis, but it had never occurred to me that by eating the plants we are ingesting the light that is still carried in the plant. When I combined that thought with what Pam described later, that plants are trying to guide us in our spiritual evolution “When the Student is ready, the Teacher appears”, I did have a brief query. “So, where does that leave vegetarianism?”. But we have to eat something. I was reminded of the genial cow in ‘The Restaurant at the End of The Universe’ (Douglas Adams, 1980, Hitch Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy 2) who ambles over to diners to announce with a smile that they are the Main Dish of the Day and what part of its body would the diners like to eat? (Page 92).

I notice that those of us who have asked dowse that plants, whether a buttercup or an oak tree, share a spirit across the genus and don’t have individual spirits.

Pam ended with the theme of Reciprocity; how we wouldn’t be here if not for plants - and how she leaves a gift of food for the plants in her garden on her special Gift plate. Or she makes a biodegradable gift (spirit doesn’t have opposing thumbs, it’s something we can do for them) and leaves it out for plant spirits.

I haven’t touched on bio-photons, particles of light in the nucleus of a cell at DNA level, and how they can make a beam of light, producing the Coherence to then make a connection. Or bio-phonons, sound, and how everything has a vibration but Light and Sound have a vibration that we can sense; at least part of the spectrum. Or how plants and trees can fine-tune their connection with us better than we, with all our human diversions, can with them. Or how we can play an instrument or sing to a plant, and how the plant echoes the sound back to you. Or how Deep Observation is another way to deeply commune with plants, their features, their smell, their taste or how they feel to touch.

Or how, after practising deep communion with plants, The Merge happens. A vibratory resonance, when particular plants start to live in you as Plant Spirit Allies, to be called upon for their particular wisdom and/or help when needed. Or how plants are stepping up to take the role of tribal elders and we should listen to them; even if it seems like ‘weeds’ (plants growing in the wrong place) are taking over. Look for the beauty, even in poisonous plants; every plant has gifts and purpose.

The questions afterwards went on for 40 minutes, and in themselves showed how engaged the audience was with what Pam had to say, and her relaxed and informed manner of delivery.

Her talk was of great interest to those who are proficient in Essences and herbal remedies. And yet Pam herself said this was only an overview!

Ali Denham

September 2022


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