Latest Newsletter - Febuary 2020


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Wind and rain, dowsing and dreaming, darkness and illumination - just another day in the life of the Tamar Valley.


Understandably, weather and weather forecasting affected the turnout at the latest TD event.  However, the show went on - and in some style.  About thirty of us were there to hear - or should that be to experience - Sue Edwards and the inimitable Dr Alan Jones give an intriguing presentation concerning the displacement of the Sacred Feminine in Arthurian legend.  As you will gather from the attached write up, it was well worth attending, and I am sure Alan and Sue will be putting it on again in the south west at some point, as part of their extensive repertoire.  If I can find out where and when, I will advise you accordingly. Watch this space (well, not this one exactly, but you get my drift!)


Next month, we take a very different approach to the dowser’s domain, with a talk by Suzanne Thomas of the Fountain Group.  


Sunday 29th March 2020

Suzanne Thomas 

‘Fountain International’


The Fountain Group was originally set up by the legendary Colin Bloy, in response to the need to dampen down youth violence in 1960’s Brighton.  It was so successful that it gained a national and international (if underground) reputation for the healing of places and areas.  


Hamish Miller was a close associate of Colin back in the 1980’s and his wife, Ba, remains part of the group to this day. 

Suzanne is an author in her own right and the Magazine Editor of:

She is also the archivist for Fountain International.  


ST would describe herself as a “spiritual mongrel”.  Qualifying as a ‘healer’ in 1981, with a strong interest in Vibrational Medicine, i.e. essences, colour and sound, and many other therapies.  She is keen on spirituality, and spiritual development, although her main interest has always been in energies, whether those be human or environmental.

Suzanne has published two books in conjunction with Colin Bloy. Who’d Have Thought It, and Just Going Down The Pub To Do A Few Miracles.   She is currently working on a third book, with Colin Kingshott, on the sound of plants, and its healing properties.

In her PowerPoint presentation, she will aim to show the development of Fountain International through the research of Colin Bloy, who used dowsing techniques, to qualify what was going on with earth energies. This led him to the concept of healing communities, and eventually of healing the earth.   Fountain works on the premise that, like people, places can become ‘dis-eased’, and uses that simple concept to benefit the community as a whole.


Following on from that, on Sunday 19th March, we have the welcome return of one of the TDs longest-standing friends, Terry Faull, one of whose interests is in the idea of ‘thin places’ - and how they may be found in the local landscape.  He also researching the tradition of itinerant storytellers in Cornwall and of the tales that they told.   Terry was introduced to dowsing by his grandfather, who had successfully dowsed for underground metal ores in a number of countries.  


His talk will be entitled What is a sense of place? and Can it really be felt and measured?   Well, you really can’t complain about the quality or the variety of speakers at TD events this year!



David Lockwood’s Beginners Dowsing Courses to be held on Sunday 23rd and Saturday 29th February are now full.  Yet another indicator of the strength of interest in the subject at the moment.



On Sunday 10th May, Sean Ferris will be running a Dowsing and Healing workshop at North Hill Village Hall.  His last two for the Devon Dowsers, held at Ashburton Town Hall, have been sold out!


Sean is one of the foremost health dowsers in the South West. He has been dowsing for over 30 years, and professionally for 20 of those years, having trained with the esteemed tutor Jack Temple.  


His groundbreaking work, particularly in the area of food intolerances, has helped many of his clients to become free from chronic illnesses and debilitating conditions such as depression, chronic fatigue, arthritis, obesity and anxiety. His academic studies into Alchemy and Evolution also derive directly from this work. 


He is a passionate Earth Energy dowser, and has discovered many ‘dragon lines’ especially here in the South West - some of which he has named Arthur, Grail, Brutus and Merlin. 


His PhD was achieved in environmental philosophy and the voice of place. 



In this workshop he will be explaining and demonstrating tools and systems for approaching dowsing for health.  He will be looking at some of the issues that affect general health - such as strong infections, food intolerances and nutritional deficiencies.  Attendees will be using percentages, scales and map dowsing to get an overall picture of the landscape of a human (or of an animal, if you prefer).


Places on this workshop are limited, and are filling up, so if you would like to register, please contact Denise ASAP on01566 86024, or email her at


An Earth Energies Group event - a week of field trips and dowsing-centred sociability, will be held in Cornwall (and West Devon) from 21st to 27th June.  The programme will be co-ordinated by Yorkshire’s finest, Bill Holding, and will be led by John & Jill Moss in Penwith, followed by David & Denise in mid/east Cornwall, and myself in West Devon.  Although this will be a nationally advertised event, the intention is to invite and encourage others, and especially locally based dowsers, to join the core group for individual days.  



Paul Gerry has continued to keep the TDs Facebook page up to date, and we now have many more visitors.  


Our website also continues to be updated and enhanced.  There are now new entries under the ‘Other Articles’ tab, by both Stuart Dow (at the Hurlers) and myself (at Lanyon Quiot) available for your perusal.  Please see


I have also put up a write up of a brief visit I made to The Rudstone in East Yorkshire.



Finally, a sad footnote.  David Ward, the Cornwall-based clinical hypnotherapist and teacher passed away a few days ago.  Dave was a good friend of the TDs and a mentor to many.  A long-standing member of the BSD, he gave an inspiring talk about dowsing and hypnotherapy - a topic that I regard as one of the touchstones in our understanding of the while subject. He had been ill and out of circulation for some while, but his vast experience and good humour will be sadly missed.  Our kindest wishes are sent to his wife, Pat.



Denise and the team hope to see you all again soon.                                         Nigel      


Forthcoming events by other local dowsing groups:


Devon Dowsers

February – 16th  2.00pm            Ashburton Town Hall 


“Bird Medicine - intuitive listening and wisdom from Birds of Prey”  Dr Karen Stead-Dexter

Guests £5

This will be an awe-inspiring experience, which will make your heart soar! Four or five birds of prey will bring their medicine, which members of the audience will be invited by Karen to resonate with, by tuning into their ‘felt sense’. Karen will talk about the physical aspects of each bird, whilst asking questions for the audience to respond to.



June – 13th/14th            DFEST 2020 will take place at South Zeal, Devon, UK 
With 2020 vision, we aim to build on the success of DFEST 2018.  Booking available from Spring 2020.


South Zeal is a beautiful village on the northern edge of Dartmoor in Devon.  The festival will be a celebration of Dowsing that will be inspiring, fun and open to all - novices and experts alike.



Trencrom Dowsers


Saturday 21st March, 2.00 pm: 

Don Bryan: Seeing is Believing

Don, a guide at Stonehenge and Chair of Hampshire Archaeological Dowsers, will be coming down to Cornwall to give a talk.  He will explain how archaeological dowsing, on a wide range of sites, can be backed up either by geophysical surveying and/or by excavation.  This process is slowly being recognised by archaeology experts, especially when formal reports are completed on the work of dowsers.  Several examples of such work will be included in this presentation.


Sunday 19 April:             Bosullow Trehyllys

Near Chûn, this is a courtyard settlement, second only to Chysauster, despite not being excavated.  

Details to follow.