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Newsletter - November 2021

Faull Steam Ahead
Our latest zoom, with long-standing friend of the westcountry dowsing community, Terry Faull, was viewed by around 80 people and generated a good Q and A session.  Terry was his usual genial, but thoughtful, self and added his weight to the emerging discussion about the nature of dowsing and its relationship to science.  (Write up further through this Newsletter.)  Thankfully, the IT links just about held up this time and viewers from far and wide were able to join in and enjoy the talk.
More Alanna
Following the unfortunate loss of the link to Ireland earlier in the month, many of you will be pleased to know that the presentation by Alanna Moore has been rescheduled for Sunday November 28th at 14.00.  Although Ros and I will be away for this one, Gwynn will be back at the controls.
Joey Korn Next
However, before that, we have a special guest online from the US in the shape of Joey Korn, healer and dowser, who is always very popular and has a large following here in the UK.  JK will be on zoom on 21st November at 19.00 (see flyer).  This session concerns ‘Personal Energy Clearing and Space Clearing’, but he will be doing a follow-up zoom next year - 20th March - entitled ‘The Power of Blessings and Prayer’.
Membership Renewals
It has been very encouraging that over 60 have rejoined the Tamar Dowsers for 2021/22 to date - and I feel a few more will be trickling in over the next few weeks.  Many thanks indeed to you all.
Gaia Guardian
This link to a Guardian article was forwarded to me by TD member, Pete Bousfield.

I feel that all the time we see ourselves as separate from the all-pervading field of information of which we are an integral part, we are walking in the dark, bumping into unseen and potentially dangerous obstacles.  If we could at least sense them, we could start to do something about protecting ourselves at a societal level.  Dowsing is one point of entry to that longer-sighted worldview.  However, if we could really master that approach would we then still be human? - and would that matter in the great scheme of things?  NT

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Talk by Joey Korn

7.00 pm (UK) Sunday 21st November 2021

Personal Energy Clearing and Space Clearing

BIO Joey Korn is a global leader in the world of dowsing and energy clearing, and he loves teaching others how to use dowsing combined with the blessing process to improve their lives.  Joey had a powerful mystical experience in 1974, when he was 21 years old, that put him very soundly on his spiritual Path.  After that fateful night, Joey has had an unquenchable thirst to learn as much as he could about the powers of mind, about energy, light, healing, and about life itself. Nothing has helped Joey accomplish this more than dowsing combined with the blessing process. 
Joey learned to dowse in 1986 and has been a passionate dowser ever since.  By 1997, he was teaching dowsing, combined with the blessing process, as well as offering on-site and remote space clearing services as his full-time profession, traveling extensively for many years.  He has spoken and taught often in the UK.  Joey no longer travels to teach, as conducting his Remote Personal and Space Clearing Services over the phone is his full-time work.  He teaches now through Zoom-type sessions and in retreats that he and his wife, Jill, conduct in their home near Augusta, Georgia, USA.  He also shares his understandings in the revised edition of his book, Dowsing: A Path to Enlightenment, his videos, and through his Web site at www.dowsers.com.  Joey can be reached at Joey@dowsers.com and 1-706-733-0204.
TALK Joey has made many discoveries along the way.  One of Joey’s first discoveries in the dowsing world, in 1996, was what he calls the Bed Pattern, which is the Human Energy Pattern that we all have connected to us and that we imprint around our beds and in other places.  Joey considers this energy pattern to be the human soul level of the Tree of Life in the teachings of Kabbalah, which is the essence of Jewish mysticism. The Bed Pattern is still central to his space clearing sessions. Joey will share how he has found what he calls Interference Energy to be the primary and most common cause of energy problems in people’s lives and in their homes, offices, etc. Joey first found and learned to clear this energy from people and their homes about 14 years ago, and he has helped thousands of people in his clearing sessions.  Joey has come to understand that this energy is also the primary cause of what dowsers call Geopathic Stress.  
Joey has recently developed a new blessing process that just about anyone can use for personal energy clearing and space clearing on their own, without knowing anything about dowsing, other than what Joey explains.  His goal now is to spread this new blessing process to millions of people around the world in the coming years. 
Zoom link to follow

Leaves in the Landscape

A Natural History of Dragons


A zoom talk by Terry Faull

to the Tamar, Devon, Trencrom, Somerset 

and Thames Valley dowsing groups

The mining of minerals, and the prospecting for suitable places to dig for them, is anchored deep in the psyche of Cornwall and the Cornish.  The grandfather of Terry Faull travelled the world dowsing for this hidden treasure.  Terry himself is engaged in a similar kind of quest - mining the spoil heaps of learning in search of an understanding of whyit was that his grandfather was able to discover these subterranean seams.  Why is it that a culture that can discover information about planets that orbit stars in distant galaxies that we can’t even see with our naked eyes, but with the use of incredibly sophisticated technological equipment, can also still detect invisible underground materials with a forked piece of wood from the hedge?
Terry started his presentation with a series of images showing the way that science has revolutionised the way we appreciate the world around us.  It can provide information about how the climate of the planet is morphing and about the complex inter-relationships of its sociological geographical components.  
It can display data about the changing nature of our existence over time and about the substance of the cosmos beyond our earth-bound senses.  The output of this scientific approach is impressive, it is extensive and it is exciting - but at the end of a long day, it is still just output, statistics, information.  How we make sense of that cacophony of data; how we make it meaningful, is a very human ability - the mental manipulation we call interpretation.
The ‘Last Man Who Knew Everything’ was (arguably) the British polymath Thomas Young (1773–1829).  Clearly, he didn’t actually know all there was to find out, but he had an extraordinary mind that investigated and considered all that it encountered - perhaps following the style of, say, Da Vinci or Newton.  In Georgian England it might indeed have been just about possible to know quite a lot about most of the scientific discoveries of his day - but in modern times that’s no longer an option.  Even the greatest intellects can only scratch the surface of the great unfolding, and even the assistance of the internet can only present the knowledge of twenty-first century humankind in an essentially two-dimensional mode.
Dowsing, however, allows us to consider and to investigate this vast repository in a very different manner.  It allows us to reconfigure it in a way that makes it digestible to us - and it enables us to go further, deeper and in a more subtle manner than science has yet been able to devise.  But, despite all the best efforts of those who have sought to bridge the gap, the Why of dowsing remains something of a mystery.
For as long as we can recall, and potentially from the dawn of human time, people have used a form of dowsing to sense the world beyond the five gross senses.  And while individual aspects of this process have been to some extent replicated by the wonders of science, other phenomena remain stubbornly a long way beyond the pale.  
Science deals with the objective understanding of the material world.  This is what it does - and this is what it is extraordinarily good at.  Measurement, detail, presentation.
While dowsing can be objective - as in tightly determined applications such as water divining - it also addresses the world from a subjective standpoint.  Science cannot measure beauty, forgiveness or love.  But dowsing can be invoked to appreciate the subtleties of emotion, experience and appreciation.  This is information that is just as solid as counting the number of words in this sentence - but dowsing can supply the added dimension of interpretation through intuition.
Terry went on to show how people from other cultures and different heritages have used a variation of what we would recognise as a dowsing outlook in their own traditions.  For example, in China and the far east, feng shui has more than a passing correspondence with some of the modern dowsing techniques employed in house healing, and the dragon lines of the classical Orient are almost dead ringers for the earth energy networks of western European systems. Similarly, the long straight lines in the landscape found in Asia and Central America are essentially the leys of Watkins and Miller, interpreted for another time and place.  Civilisations come and go, but dowsable energies endure.  It’s actually quite reassuring that they do!
Perhaps most topically in this context is the exhibition currently on show at The Box in Plymouth, concerning the art, stories and legends, embellished over millennia, associated with Australian Aboriginal Songlines. (Songlines: Tracking the Seven Sisters)
However seemingly different in form and description, the parallels between these concepts and the earth energy networks of the Michael and Mary currents that pass beneath our own feet are there for all with eyes to see.  In more recent times, the gap between these two approaches has closed even further, with the Cornish bard, Andy Norfolk, showing how some of the folk tales of old Kernow also effectively describe the paths of long lost earth energy currents.
In the Q and A session afterwards, it was noted that the exponential growth in scientific explanation is being subtly matched by a similar flourishing in the detection of a vast array of new - or at least newly disclosed - types of earth energy flows and features.  Those of us with an informational view of the dowser’s data could suggest that this might be, at least in part, because the information has been out in the field all the time and it is now that our point of development and our rising awareness has made it relevant for us to find these things today.
We also discussed the quite common situation whereby quite apparent information eludes the questor, even in the most obvious of situations.  Could it be those pesky piskies jamming the airwaves of our minds?  Or perhaps it’s just not our time - or that maybe we know, at some level, it’s not to our advantage - to know that ‘fact’ just yet. 
Terry is very much a man of this world - a researcher, academic and author, but he also appreciates that merely acquiring information is only part of the process.  It is the interpretation and the appreciation of the subtleties embedded within it that turns knowledge into wisdom - the distinction between being clever and being wise.  As a culture, we are rediscovering this distinction the hard way.  
But Terry is also very much at home with the sense of mystery that pervades our craft, and he cautions against spending too much time trying to explain it - as in explaining it away - as a sub-set of science.  The mystery is also telling us something.  It’s telling us that there is so much more to explore and to understand - and so much of which we have yet to even conceive.  If we are hell-bent on only taking the step-by-step approach to revelation, enlightenment is still a very long way off.
Many thanks to Terry Faull for another thought-provoking session.  Hopefully, we will be able to get out in the field with him again in due course - and perhaps to spend more time at some of the locations, hidden in plain sight, that are nurtured by the Small Pilgrim Places Network of which Terry is an active member.
Nigel Twinn
Tamar Dowsers
November 2021

Alan Neal - Honorary Life Member


It’s almost 20 years ago that Alan Neal and Jackie Ellis-Martin set up the Tamar Dowsers.  Without Alan as a focus and a guiding light I doubt if we would ever have got going, and we certainly would not have flourished as we have over the last couple of decades.
His contribution to dowsing, regionally and nationally, has been widely recognised - and although we will claim him as ‘one of our own’, in fact his contribution to the dowsing community throughout the south west has been immense.
He has always been patient and supportive with newcomers, and a great mentor for many.  After almost three decades of dowsing, I still find myself referring to him for advice or a second opinion.  A true gentlemen.
In fact, I often meet people, both locally and from further afield, who proudly tell me that they were originally taught to dowse by Alan Neal.
In recognition of this service, we have decided to make Alan an Honorary Life Member of the Tamar Dowsers.
As many of you will know, Alan has not been well in recent months and this has prevented him attending even the few live events that we have been able to stage.  However, we hope to have him back with us in person before too long.                                                                                    NT
 Kind regards, Denise, Nigel and the Team