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March 2021


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Nearly there?


Touching wood, firmly, it does look as if we may be getting back out into the field shortly.  The plan at the moment is:

Sunday 13th June - meeting at 10.30am 

King Arthur’s Hall, near St Breward on Bodmin Moor

An Outing with Stuart Dow           

A quest into its origins, purpose, and meaning in the geomantic scheme of the land.  Stuart will give an introduction at the site, and will then propose the dowsing quest for all present.  A handout will be provided on the day.

Through Stuart’s investigations with archaeologists and the Time Seekers group, he has come to know the site intimately.  Together, we will explore, for example, the possible reason for the North South Alignment of this enigma of a site.  We will be looking at dimensions, and dowsing for the purpose and the origins of the site.    It’s a really interesting site for dowsing and exploration.


After visiting King Arthur’s Hall (and BYO lunch) we will also be walking over to the nearby Emblance Downs double stone circle. 


TD members, Neve and Rosie Hartwood flagged up the stones at Emblance Downs early in the lockdown cycle, so it will be interesting to follow up on their work.  The archaeology there is much depleted, which is probably why we have never been there as a group before, but experience shows that the energy of a site can remain very much present, even if the material remains are not intact.


Definitive details, and directions will follow.  It is likely that we will be required to adhere to some ongoing restrictions - and not all of those attending will be vaccinated.  However, it would be really positive to get together with other group members.  All activities involve some degree of risk, even if it’s only crossing the road, but we look both ways and summon our guardian angels - well, some do of us, anyway. 


The DDs have an outing to Mardon Down (near Moretonhampstead) – for DD members - on Saturday 22nd May, but numbers are limited due to parking space, so please speak to Gwynn first, if you are intending to join in.


Still Going 


The latest zoom was another runaway success with around 130 people participating - mainly from the south west, and with the TDs very much in evidence - but also from other parts of the UK, and indeed other parts of the world.


There was a very positive response to the talk by Sean Ferris - please see the write up further through this Newsletter.

Late Notice of another potential zoom  - Tuesday 11th May


Dear Dowsing Friends,


Please find below the details of the next Slimbridge Dowsers talk which you and your members are more than welcome to attend. 


Our talks are on the 2nd Tuesday of the Month rolling forward.


Kind Regards


Paul Syrett


Slimbridge Dowsing Group 


Mobile:  07836 588027 



Subtle Energy Systems: Interactions, Energy Theft and Personal Power

Lisa Cossey


Date:  Tuesday May 11th 2021 


Talk opens:      7:15 pm

Talk starts:       7:30 pm


Tickets: £3:00


Ticket availability: 100 tickets


Eventbrite link to the talk:


In this talk Lisa will explore what subtle energy is, how it can be given, taken and controlled, and what we can do about it. She will outline the personal/human subtle energy system, and the subtle energy systems of the land and of the cosmos. 


She will then show how subtle energy can be exchanged and manipulated in each of these areas. Finally, we will go on to explore how we can become aware of these subtle energy systems ourselves and how we can step into our personal power to manage them for health and wellbeing; dowsing being one of the most wonderful tools at our disposal for perceiving these subtle fields of energy consciousness.







International Dowsing Day (IDD)


On Bodmin Moor


The weather was a bit inclement for too much dowsing outside this year, which will have put off many from joining in with the earth healing being organised by Jill Moss.  However, if there was a flag for every group in the world who participated, the TDs would have at least a little one, courtesy of TD members Jen and Pete Bousfield:


Well, down here (in the valley), it was mild and just a bit damp, so we thought, why not?  But up there (at the Hurlers) it was 100 mile per hour drizzle. We stayed until 2:20 pm by which time we were soaking wet.


Pete dowsed the spiral and around the stone that the Mary line goes through. Both responded to the small amount of attention we gave, and I sent happy thoughts to the earth into the turf via my walking pole...


It is nice to be a bit silly sometimes...


Well done Pete and Jen!



Meanwhile on the Interweb


In the evening of IDD, as some of you will have seen, there was a panel of speakers from across the globe, organised by Susan Collins and Grahame Gardner, which provided some information about what people in different necks of the wood have been doing dowsing-wise of late.


Inevitably, much of it was coloured by the Covid/lockdown experience, but even those hardest hit and most affected seemed to be able to find positive angles amongst the rubble.  


Plaudits to Gwynn Paulett for getting himself onto the panel, and for letting the wider world know what we in the south west of the UK have been doing down here this year - which is actually quite a lot under the circumstances.  He even squeezed in a name check for my book, which must mean I am now a global superstar - well, sort of. 


One of the US contingent seemed to think SNP supporting Scot, Grahame, came from England, which he managed to let pass without comment!  It was that sort of occasion.


From the ‘chat’ links afterwards people from all over clearly enjoyed watching together again, even if only as a diaspora.  Most groups had plans to get back out into the field as soon as it becomes possible - and clearly there are plenty around the globe who have suffered more than ourselves in various ways. 


Devon Dowsers, Tamar Dowsers, Trencrom Dowsers, Thames Valley Dowsers, Somerset Dowsers


2.00 pm Sunday 23rd May 2021


Zoom Talk by Maria Wheatley

Earth Energies at Stone Circles and Manifestation


Maria’s latest book on the Rollright Ring explains how a stone circle that retains its circular shape acts energetically, compared to a ruinous stone circle.  Maria will encompass circles in Devon, Cornwall, Oxfordshire and Cumbria. 



Maria will also include occult knowledge on the properties of the circle that aids manifestation.


Maria Wheatley’s Website and Facebook link:



Zoom link to follow dreckly

Tips, Tricks and Tools


A zoom talk by Sean Ferris

to the Tamar, Trencrom, Devon,

Somerset and Thames Valley Dowsers


There is something special about the self-taught.  Even in this era, where we are all awash in an ocean of information of all kinds, it’s still possible to find your own way - and for those who do, it shows.  Sean Ferris, who has plied his chosen trade in the south west for several decades, was set on his course by the legendary health dowsing specialist, Jack Temple.  Yet, from this potentially productive position, Sean embarked on his own journey.


Like many of the better-known ‘medical dowsers’, Sean entered the arena due to his own chronic ill health.  Having made surprisingly good headway for himself, he perceived that it could be of benefit to others, too.  In recent times, I seem to have said, and perhaps too often, that what people like Sean are doing is not in itself rocket science.  In essence, if you read the attached booklist diligently, and apply yourself to its contents with an open mind for a few decades, you too can be Sean Ferris - although there’s probably some quantum uncertainly principle actually preventing that outcome.


Sean makes it all look and sound rather obvious.  Even the dropping of the voice at the end of a potential prognosis leaves you with the idea that dowsing for health is a bit of a doddle.  ‘Just like that’, as the comedian, Tommy Cooper, might once have said.   Yet, the very competent and the very experienced can make something deep and profound look like a walk in the park, when in fact they have just climbed a precipitous mountain. 


 It’s fascinating to watch, but it tkles a lifetime to deliver at this level of consistent quality.  While I doubt if Sean keeps a tally of how many people he has assisted, and how many of those have derived benefit from his dowsing, the number of returning clients and viral word-of-mouth referrals speak for themselves.  At times, I feel he is almost overwhelmed with work, and his email auto reply advising that he tries to respond within three weeks also says a lot about a man in great demand.  With a couple of volunteer participants from the audience, he was able to demonstrate his seemingly well-honed and deceptively simple techniques - which probably added a few more prospective clients and a few more hours to the waiting list.


Sean told me that this was going to be less of a workshop and more of a fireside chat, but it evolved into a bit of both.  He started his talk with a short debate on ethics.  Is it ethical to dowse for the health of someone else?  He started his career by practising on whoever was available, but soon ran out of captive friends and family - so he widened his scope to celebrities (it comes with the territory) and the deceased (who probably wouldn’t mind anyway) - and if they were both, then so much the better.  His view is that acquiring the information is, for the most part, quite ethical - it’s what you do with the data when you’ve got it that’s more contentious. 


Sean is ‘a big fan of science, but a big critic of scientism’.  He feels the information made available through scientific discovery is potentially hugely valuable, yet the analysis of it through the filter of the conventional model can distort the interpretation of the input in an unhelpful way.  The examples of many working in the field, and particularly those who deal with animals, is of the over-prescription of potions and supplements, and of the peremptory use of physical interventions, even before less intrusive methods have been considered.


The core of Sean’s day-to-day work is the dowsing of food allergies - and his ballpark estimate is that up to 25% of his clients are people who could gain considerable benefit from taking gluten and dairy out of their diet.  Quite literally, it is his bread and butter.  


Perhaps one of the most fundamental aspects of his craft is the use of scales and percentages in his dowsing.  It’s something that goes back to his time with the Temple tradition.  Working out what proportion of the many factors that lead all of us to better or poorer health can be gauged by employing a series of simple ‘how much’ questions.  By locating the primary problems, the less important ones can often sort out themselves.  He will work out, by dowsing, how well any aspect of the body is functioning in comparison with a state of perfect health.  Anything under about 80%, would benefit from some attention - and then it’s down to dowsing through lists of potential remedies for clues and indicators.


In fact, seeing Sean in action, even as a thumbnail on a zoom, you can start to appreciate the depth of his knowledge.  While most of us would, at best, be running our fingers down a list of items in a book, with a rod or pendulum in the other hand, Sean is just looking to one side and clearly visualising the page and the column he has used only too often, to elicit the required piece of information.  It’s as impressive as it is instant, but it belies the years of dedicated work that have preceded it.


Our bodies are clever and essentially self-healing organisms, but our modified environment and our induced lifestyle all-too-often overwhelm the physical biological systems that our species developed to cope in a bygone era.  Ferris is a great miner of older medical traditions, especially those from the Far East, but feels they need updating to be really relevant in the modern era.


In the main, what Sean is doing, is to identify the issues and - based on his experience - to suggest dietary, herbal and homeopathic options that might be worth a try.   Clearly, his extensive contact list - quite a few of whom may have found more mainstream interventions to have been less than helpful, and who have followed his dowsing instead - is testament to what has worked for them.


Like many who use their dowsing all day, every day, Sean is now effectively a deviceless practitioner.  As he points out, the tool is only moved by the dowser, using muscles in the hand activated by the brain, so it is only practice to teach yourself to sense the information without the need to move those manic muscles at all.  Again, it all looks so easy, and so straightforward, in the hands (or should that be the mind) of the skilled and experienced practitioner.


The core material in this talk dealt with some of the more common vitamin and mineral deficiencies and imbalances.  He described in depth the issues concerning viruses, bacteria and fungi, which may not be so apparent to anyone without a detailed knowledge of how the human digestive system works.  He talked about the critical activity of the liver, and the work it performs.  In my O-level biology, I was taught that it has seven functions - in fact it’s just about the only piece of information I retained from those dreadful days in a secondary schoolroom.  Now, it seems, there are oodles more - well, that’s inflation for you - and I am grateful to Sean for pointing this out.  But, again, addressing some of these more significant underlying issues can often help our bodies to sort out the lower order problems for themselves.


Sean still found time, in a generously elongated session, to discuss pathogens - all of whom are conscious, and/or potentially have much the same access to consciousness as ourselves.  ‘Bugs are our best friends - they enable us to stay on our chosen path’, he intoned.   Needless to say, this part of the session ran on into questions from ‘the floor’ concerning the current global virus and our various responses to it.


He even managed a brief canter through the benefits and attributes of various types of flower essences, using lists for assessing acupressure points and even skirted around the use and availability of radionics boxes.  It was a transparent and open-ended exposé of what he does.


It was also a session that could clearly have carried on into the night, and we had to leave some questions unanswered.  But the feedback was extremely positive and the requests for a repeat performance were numerous.  I am sure Sean will be back with us on screen or, who knows, actually live, in the not too distant future.  But for the time being, even these of us who are longer in the dowsing tooth have a lot to mull over.


It was a mini classic of substance over format, of content over pyrotechnics.  Many thanks indeed to Sean Ferris for a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon.


Nigel Twinn  Tamar Dowsers,  May 2021 


Sean can be contacted at -

His website is -




Tamar Dowsers Diary





Sun May 23rd                      Maria Wheatley - Earth Energies at Stone Circles and their Manifestation


Sun June 6th                                     Jude Currivan  

Living the Evolutionary Power of Unity


Sun June 13th                        Arthur’s Hall and Emblance Downs - 

live walkabout on Bodmin Moor!

Details to follow.


Unfortunately, the Earth Energies event planned for 18th and 19th September at Avebury has been postponed.






The next South West Dowsing Festival will now take place on the weekend of the 11th/12th June 2022,


Bookings will commence in the Spring of 2022 via Devon Dowsers. 



Kind regards 

Nigel, Denise and the Team