Activities of the
Tamar Dowsers 2021


December     Zoom talk by Sandy Humby

                             Rose Alchemy

November     Zoom talk by Dr Andrew Tressider

                             Embodying Consciousness

                             Zoom talk by Terry Faull

                             Leaves in the Landscape

October         Talk at NHVH by David Lockwood

                            Dowsing Earth Energies

 September    Zoom talk by Jane Struthers
                             Taking the Astrological Path

                             Field Trip
                             Stannon and Trippet stone circles

                            Field Trip
                            Helman Tor

 June                 Zoom talk by Jude Currivan
                            Living the Power of Cosmic Unity
 May                Field Trip on Bodmin Moor
                           King Arthur's Hall and Emblance Downs                         
                           Zoom talk by Maria Wheatley
                           Earth Energies and Their Manifestation

                           Zoom talk by Sean Ferris
                           Tips, Tricks and Tools
April                Zoom talk by Suzanne Thomas
                            Fountain International
                           Zoom talk by Susan Collins
                           Get Healthy with dowsing!
March             Zoom talk by Aaron Bray
                            Adventures in (Water) Dowsing

                             Zoom talk by John Moss
                             Experiences at Ancient Churches                   
February         Zoom talk by Tony Nec
                               Sound Healing

                              Zoom talk by Jim Willis
                             Humility, Health and (Spiritual) Hunger 

January            Zoom talk by Terry Faull
                              Thin Places
                             Zoom talk by Richard Nissen
                             Animal Navigation