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A Fond - if unavoidably  delayed - Farewell

When Christopher Strong passed over in December 2018, no-one in the dowsing community had the opportunity to pay their respects at his cremation.











For many of us who had regarded him as a personal inspiration, this was quite difficult - and we are grateful to BSD member, and fellow practitioner at the College of Psychic Studies, Annie Penny, for organising a get together and day of contemplation around CS and his work.


For all his acknowledged prowess with the craft, in a sense Christopher’s dowsing attainments were just the first bricks in the edifice that became a more fully realised understanding of the nature of life.  While he was firmly grounded enough to be comfortable helping friends and strangers alike with their domestic issues - lost passports, lost pets, lost partners - it was only too apparent when compiling his life’s work that this was just the tiny visible tip of an enormous iceberg of spirituality. CS had become aware of the transcendent nature of existence, which he had then been able to manifest in the here and now.  He had come to realise that everything we can comprehend has a more subtle substance - one of pure ‘information’.   


He was always incredibly generous with his time and his support, never refusing to help anyone, regardless of their background, wealth (or lack of it) or personal circumstances.  What most of us would see as a frighteningly unmanageable burden, Christopher regarded as a welcome and benign obligation - just the flip side of achieving profound insight. And anyway, he knew the universe would always see him though.


Even many experienced dowsers do well to keep one foot on terra firma while reaching through the veil, however imperfectly.  Yet, for Christopher, the two realms had become a coherent whole.  It was quite an achievement - and one that, perhaps, we can only really appreciate now that the humble giant is no longer physically with us to shrug it off with a knowing grin.   


Christopher and Veronika Strong were fervent advocates of the BSD, its aims and its achievements. CS remained loyal to the last, and was still working at the September 2018 Conference.


Christopher was also very fond of the Himalayan Coffee house, run by Alain Rouveure, which raises funds for impoverished children in Nepal.  So, it was fitting for two of his favourite roses to be planted in the garden of the centre at Todenham, near to Moreton in Marsh, Gloucestershire.


CS was always very aware of co-incidences in the information field appearing symbolically, pointedly, or even amusingly, in the everyday world.  The morning of the gathering had seen atrocious weather, while people were travelling to the assembly.  However, just after our communal lunch, the clouds cleared long enough for the roses to be planted in our presence, and with our assistance - and for a brief sniff around the rest of the garden.  As soon as we got back inside to enjoy our dessert of home made cake and specialist Nepalese coffee, the heavens opened once again.  Nice one, Chris!





Many thanks to Alain for hosting the event, and to his staff for their kindness on the day.  I am sure that CS would like me to add that anyone seeking to give a token of recognition for our former mentor could do no better than to make a donation to The Alain Rouveure Nepal Fund – see


Christopher Strong’s book Autobiography of a Sceptical Dowser is available from the BSD shop, or directly from his publisher, Penwith Press (

Fond - if unavoidably  delayed - Farewell

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