Owing to Covid 19 restrictions, all future events will be held online via Zoom until village halls are permitted to open in a manner that enables an audience to be present


Sunday 24th January     -        Richard Nissen (London)

                                                          Animal Navigation

Sunday 14th February -       Tony Nec (Cornwall)

                                                        Sound Healing

Saturday 20th February -    Jim Willis (USA)

                                                        Dowsing with Humility, Health and                                                                     (Spiritual) Hunger

Sunday 7th March       -        Aaron Bray (Devon)

                                                        Adventures in Water Dowsing

Sunday 28th March       -       John Moss (Cornwall)

                                                        Experiences of Dowsing

                                                        Ancient Churches

Sunday 11th April           -       Suzanne Thomas (Devon)

                                                        The work of Fountain International

Sunday 25th April          -       Susan Collins (Canada)

                                                        Earth Energy 

Sunday 9th May              -      Sean Ferris (Devon)

                                                        Dowsing for your Health

                                                        All day workshop 09.00 - 16.00

                                            North Hill Village Hall (Hopefully!)

Sunday May 16th            -      Anu Warmelo (Cornwall)

                                                        Healing with Feng Shui and Geomancy

Sunday 6th June             -       Jude Currivan (Wiltshire?)

Saturday/Sunday                 -       By popular demand, the return of

12th/13th June


                                                               Hopefully live in and around South Zeal

                                                            - if not, a cosmic Zoom extravaganza (maybe!). 

TBA                                      -      Professor Rowland Rotheram (Australia)

                                                       Myths and Legends of

                                                       Historical Sites in Cornwall

Details to follow 

Sunday 14th February

Tony Nec is the Principal of the Sound Healing Academy, which has students and qualified practitioners in over 60 countries worldwide.  He has over 30 years' experience with healing, coaching and training.  Tony lives on an organic smallholding on the edge of Lostwithiel, Cornwall, close to the Michael line, as it passes through Druids Hill.  He has a purpose-built sound healing studio on the land and will be broadcasting from that studio.

This presentation will come in three parts:

  • A talk about the history and practice of sound healing.  We’ll study the crossover between acoustic archaeology and acoustic psychology, with a focus on ancient sites and consciousness.  We’ll also cover more recent scientific understanding of sound healing works, looking at how imbalances in the autonomic nervous system are linked with symptoms of disease. 

  • A live demonstration of those acoustic sounds, so you can have a direct experience of what’s been talked about (for best results, please use headphones or ear buds)

  • An opportunity for you to ask questions, get answers and share your experiences

Date TBA

Sunday 9th May

Sean Ferris

Dowsing for

your Health

                                              All day workshop

09.00 - 16.00

                                    North Hill Village Hall (Hopefully!)

I became a dowser thirty years ago in my teens when I suffered from a mystery illness and had to find a way back which didn't involve the Allopathic methods that were failing me.  Eighteen years ago I became a professional after training with the renowned health dowser Jack Temple. Dowsing enables a detailed exploration of the body on many levels and allows me to constantly uncover more of its mysteries.  I like to think of the work as a balanced mix of art and science.  I use a structured approach with room to allow for a client's own unique nature to be taken into account.

Sunday 7th March

Former Tamar Dowser, Aaron Bray, has had a long history, and a great deal of experience as a water diviner.


Originally from Cornwall, Aaron has lived in different parts of the UK, and is the founder and owner of Chenpump, a water services company based in Plymouth, where dowsing was used on a commercial basis.


Now back in our area, it is really good to have him giving us benefit of recalling the life and times of a water diviner in the 21st Century. 

Date TBA

Professor Roland Rotherham


is a retired British writer and lecturer, who specializes in medieval legends and lore, especially those related to King Arthur, Merlin and Glastonbury.


He also is an expert in historical cookery. 


He is the author of:

Sacred Falls - Saint Nectan and the Legacy of the Dragon

Sunday 11th April


Suzanne Thomas of Fountain International

 Fountain International is a community healing project, based on the simple concept that communities like people, suffer from disease, and may be healed. 


By tuning-in one’s thoughts to an agreed focal point within your own community, for just a few moments each day, it is possible to radically improve the health of the community, and ultimately, we believe, the health of the world. 


(Why are we called Fountain?  Because the first focal point used in testing the theory of community healing was a fountain.

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