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Partial Lunar Eclipse 16/07/2019 – TAVISTOCK, DEVON, UK
















This partial lunar eclipse was 66% visible from the UK, and virtually unaffected by cloud cover.


The two earth energy lines reacted in a fairly typical manner, but took a longer time to reassert their original width (and were still significantly affected the following morning).  It appears that the informational transfer becomes partially embedded in the substance, or human perception, of the currents - either in terms of ‘charge’ or ‘memory’, depending on whether the dowser is understanding the process as essentially physical (or metaphysical) - or purely on an informational level.


Both earth energy lines were untypically wide even before the start of the measurements - probably due to other cosmic or planetary factors and/or the input of the dowser.


The planetary grid lines (or more accurately in this instance celestial grid lines) reacted more slowly, with the solar line seemingly rather ‘reluctant’ to get involved at all.  Both lines had almost reverted to their previous widths by the following morning.


Although the event occurred exactly 50 years after the first human landing on the moon by the Apollo 11 astronauts, the only impact of this calendrical co-incidence would be in the mind of the dowser.

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