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Cosmic Energy as above - Earth Energy so below

Stuart Dow and friends at the Hurlers – December 2019


.... It's not everyday you get the chance to witness a conjunction with the Sun and Four Planets!!   In fact the last time in Capricorn was 1517.


Thus the opportunity dowse the effects of such an event was a Golden one.


This conjunction was considered by the Indigenous Anungu Australians at Uluru as a time of re-activation of the Dreamtime Rainbow Serpent; Energies that encompass our planet, here in Albion known as the Michael and Mary Lines.


I arrived at the Hurlers, and at the node where the two lines cross, well before the predicted conjunction, to see how they were when 'at rest'.


I have never known the lines so narrow, so 'asleep'!


What was going on down the line in Australia?   Was there perhaps a 'drawing of breath' before the activation?  An 'in' before the 'out’?


Mary was a wizened three paces wide, and Michael only five !

(All measurements were taken nine paces out from the edge of the circle.)


The Celebrants from the Heaven and Earth Community arrived in silent respectful single file, touched a stone on their way in, and assembled a crystal grid and a large bass drum in the centre, just offset from the node. 


"Excellent!", I thought ,"I can still dowse it ".


At midday, I measured the widths of the lines ... but no change.


However, after a while I sensed a change, a quickening, and then as the drum came in to play, I checked the widths again.  Something was happening!  Both lines had regained their usual width. The node Flower of Life pattern, which still had the twelve petals as dowsed at Winter Solstice was growing, too.


The intensity in the Circle of the Celebrants was also on the grow; someone was letting free the anguish, a releasing, a wail of a cry.


Moving to the south of the circle to re-measure Michael, the feeling became stronger and, as I looked back to the north, a huge complete Rainbow had arched - like a protection - framing Stowes Hill, the Circle and its celebrants.


Such awesomeness!!!!


Then off to check the widths again - for I knew, instinctively, that we had arrived at 'Conjunction Central' in the linear timescale.


From a paltry 3 paces wide for Mary and 5 for Michael, they had swollen to 8 and 10 respectively - and the petals of the Flower of Life had increased from 4 to 7 paces!


Yet again, a sure sign that given Love at an auspicious moment, our dear conscious planet, our Mother, responds gleefully to the Cosmic Forces and to happy loving humans.


Thanks to all at Heaven and Earth Community for their Gift of Love ... 


Stuart Dow

December 2019



Hurlers rainbow SD.jpg
Hurlers SD.jpg
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