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Jan 2024 - Dr Alex Ling

The Aquatic Language of Megalithic Sites

Dr Alex Ling

A zoom talk to the Tamar, Devon, Somerset,

Trencrom and Thames Valley Dowsing Groups

The emerging ramifications of dowsing continue to make steady progress, alongside the developing philosophy of science. For some while, the idea of panpsychism - that consciousness exists in all entities, including seemingly inanimate ones - has been gathering interest. Here, Dr Alex Ling, a Portreath-based medical practitioner, originally from Germany, is beginning to make the case that standing stones appear to respond to directional sound.

Alex, aided by his technical colleague, Riccardo, have recorded electronically the trace of focussed sound being input to a megalith, and shown an unexpected delay in receiving a response. These are clearly early days for this line of research, but the published results are intriguing.

A lex is in the process of carrying out similar investigations at other sites, including some of the enigmatic masonry at Gobekli Tepe - a Neolithic archaeological site in the south eastern Anatolia region of Turkey. It is thought that this settlement was inhabited from 9500 to at around 8000 BCE, but it is only just becoming known to the wider world.

Dr Ling is keen to emphasise that although he uses scientific methods to collect his data, he is determined to ensure that there is no physical damage to any stonework, and that the megaliths themselves are treated with the utmost respect for their spiritual nature.

Alex is also keen to stress that although he feels sound vibration is key to this appreciation of the interface between human perception and the wider megalithic landscape, water also plays a key part in the process.

In common with the outlook of many dowsers, his experimental work is supportive of the contention that the purity of water benefits the well-being of all human, animal and plant life - and potentially even of the landscape as a whole.

As we are all aware, some deep-fed spring water can be naturally pure. However, water of this type cannot be readily sourced by residents of more urban environments. In response to this, his latest venture is to create beneficial 'structured' water for sale in commercial quantities and made available through his soon-to-be-opened shop in Glastonbury (see the link to the Aquan website below).

H is work with structured water has led him to consider the possibility of water holding memory - or at least formatted information. This is a field of study that dovetails with the ongoing research by New Zealand-based researcher Veda Austin. Alex is starting to show that appropriately treated water can purify other bodies of surface water - in the sense of making it more beneficial, or at least less harmful, to humans and plants. The extent to which this can be applied at scale is also being investigated by various workers in the field.

Many thanks to Dr Alex Ling for this most engaging and informative zoom, which generated a large number of questions and comments. I am sure we will be hearing from him again in due course.

Nigel Twinn

Tamar Dowsers

January 2024

For more information about Alex Ling and the Aquan brand of purified water see:


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