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October 2004 - Middlewood

Autumn at Middlewood Nursery

Middlewood Nursery, near Darley Ford, is one of those places you just wouldn't end up at by chance.

Up a windy dead-end lane, off a windy country road, resplendently camouflaged in damp autumn foliage - it's about as out of the way as you can get in southern England, and ideal territory for the TDs on a Sunday morning.

The 17 of us were welcomed by Peter and Jenny Bousfield, who, in addition to giving us the run of their garden, wood, orchard, field, studio and house, also provided parking with signs (a TD first!), a map of the grounds and tea & home made cakes - all before opening time.

Peter had sensed for some time that, despite the idyllic Good Life surroundings, there was negative energy present that needed to be addressed. This was very much home ground for Larry, who was able to pin down the offending energy line as it streamed through the house and take the sting out of it. However, as this negativity seemed to emanate from nearby disused mine workings, it was felt that there might need to be an ongoing programme of healing to deal with the adverse effects - again Larry was on the case.

The nursery itself was full of active and interesting energies, on various levels - perhaps largely undisturbed in this comparatively back-wood location.

There were many of the usual phenomena associated with water and earth energy, with some particularly significant spirals amongst the trees and - most notably - in Peter's workshop, which is directly beneath his studio. Intuition or what! This spot also dowsed as having been the earliest part of the site to possess a building, which was surprising, given that that it had been empty when the Bousfields arrived in the early 1970s. Another large spiral sat in the centre of the sitting room, which will hopefully be even brighter now that one of the feeder lines has been rebalanced.

Various members of the group detected entities, most of which seemed fairly benign. In the glade Larry and I sensed an entity, which moved along an earth energy line as we tried to get the measure of it with our rods. Even after more than a decade of dowsing experience, I still have some reluctance in accepting that I am following what could only be termed a 'woodland spirit' (it dowsed to not being of human or animal origin) with copper rods. Yet, the sensory evidence is there for anyone with a sufficiently open mind to find and consider for themselves.

There were positive earth energy spirals in and around the vegetable growing areas, which had been cultivated by Steiner biodynamic methods for many years.

In the steeply sloping field, Paula detected the crossing point of two ley lines - one of which was considered by David to be part of the 'Tavy' Line, and which was pointing straight toward North Hill church.

Water was much in evidence, deep below the ground, in a well, just under the surface, on the surface and, for a short time, falling from the sky - encouraging us to take a refreshment break.

Everyone found much of dowsing interest, and hopefully we will return another time to study some of the features in more detail - and maybe even buy some plants!

We adjourned for lunch to the Race Horse Inn - again organised by Peter - which provided us with tasty food and excellent service.

After lunch, there was optional additional dowsing on the moors above Middlewood, where we examined a number of hut circles, a few natural-looking rocks, which turned out to be quite energetic - and surveyed the surrounding countryside in the fading, but very welcome, autumn afternoon sunlight from the top of Arthur's Bed.

A day that had started rather inauspiciously with my splattering my passengers with mud, as they tried to help my car get a bit of grip in a rather damp field, ended with an unexpected bonus. Jenny put me in touch with the administrator of North Hill Village Hall, which looks to be an ideal location for our December 'Christmas' talk by Ann Moore. As they say - Watch This Website for more details.

Many thanks to Brian and Jacki for their administration, to Larry for his energy rebalancing work, to my colleagues for taking their mud bath in good heart and to Peter and Jenny for just about everything else.

Yet another cracking day out with the TDs!

Nigel Twinn

Tamar Dowsers

October 2004

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