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Oct 2023 - Leaze Stone Circle

Leaze Stone Circle - Bodmin Moor

A field trip with Neve Heartwood

We had never seen the atmospheric Leaze circle before. On private land and nicely hidden, nestled between Hawks Tor and Roughtor, we approached from the top of the hill and were struck by its bluntly shaped stones & solid presence in the landscape.

Importantly, it sits on a Summer Solstice sunset alignment from The Hurlers to Dannonchapel - incorporating Craddock Circle, Dozmary Pool & King Arthur's Hall, cairns, a settlement and a stone row.

Graced with sunshine, our time there flew; finding Mimetoliths/ Simulcra, Venus and ceremonial routes  - and a very interesting womb-like mound just to the east of the circle, which appeared to have a strong relationship to death and re-birth.

The energy weaved a dance between possibly eight stones lying flat (some we uncovered after dowsing - and carefully replaced the turf!).

It had the feel of an eight- fold Celtic Wheel of the Year and a place of healing and ceremony.  It was unanimously female.  The group meditated here, adding to our depth of understanding of the site.

The stone circle has a low wall running through it.  This might not be what it first appears…

There are very energetic stones within it, and an exact north/ south alignment to the Stripple Circle on Hawk's Tor.  (Interestingly, this circle also has some very strong Mimetoliths).  Could this have been a stone row originally, or a 'causeway' connecting sites?

From a node point in the circle, we traced a male/female energy line, which ran along the wall. It was male on the left (running north), female on the right, which became very energetic after connecting with a pointed stone which faced the Brown Willy area (hidden by forestry).  My rods spun anti-clockwise north & clockwise south.

The outlying stone I had wanted to visit with a north/south alignment nearby on the open moor had a confirmed aura to the north - and it was agreed that it had been placed there.  We also found the small cist.

A thoroughly enjoyable day was had by all, finished off nicely with a pint at the St. Breward pub and the hope that we could return in the not to distant future, if the farmer agrees to it.

Neve Heartwood

Tamar Dowsers

October 2023

Photo courtesy of of Stuart Dow


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