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Oct 2022 - Christian Kyriacou

Christian Kyriacou

Spirit Release and Paranormal Activity

A zoom presentation to the Devon, Tamar, Trencrom,

Somerset and Thames Valley dowsing groups

Christian Kyriacou was very determined to set out his stall at the start. Spirit release is not about ‘ghost busting’. It is not about getting rid of ghosts, vanquishing or exorcising them. It is about reconciliation, compassion and, often, negotiation. It is about coming to terms with past issues and moving forward in a manner that benefits everyone involved - house owners, unnerved occupants and involuntary guests included.

Christian was also very keen to point out that to achieve this win-win situation, it is the house owner or the person affected who has to release the spirit. After all, it is them who has attracted - or been attracted to - the ghost or their home in the first place. As with all dowsing, we are drawn to what we need to know, and to where our involvement is most useful. In the case of hauntings, the participants are drawn to one another for their mutual benefit - even if that’s not quite how it feels at the time!

The last time I saw Christian give a talk about his work, he was already an established and experienced ‘house whisperer’, but this presentation showed just how far his journey has taken him.

He shares with the late Christopher Strong an ability to be at one with the spirit world to the extent that he is virtually able to converse with these ethereal participants. He was wearing a T-shirt emblazoned with ‘I talk to dead people - and they talk back’, which sums it up nicely. Indeed, his ability to ‘see’ people in spirit gives him a level of insight, and an ability to affect beneficial change, not usually available to the rest of us.

This has lead him into some fascinating, and I suspect quite hairy, situations. However, like CS, he seems most engaged and in tune with the task in hand when the content is at its most complex and challenging. Working out ways of easing household ghosts along their own paths has become the bread and butter of his craft and his income, but tackling the seriously strange and decidedly difficult members of the spirit world seems much more exciting and worthwhile. It’s a graphic example of how we can all learn and grow as practitioners, no matter what waystation our dowsing has reached to date.

Christian made the very valid point - often missed in the house clearance scenario - that not all ghosts actually want to move on. At times, it is apparent that even he has to accept that there is nothing more that can be done - at least for the time being. The spiritual being may feel that they may have work still to do, wish to continue patiently waiting for a loved one, or that they may yet need to come to terms with their own physical non-existence. Time, or at least an appreciation of it, must be very different in the next phase. Every case he comes across is unique, and it has to be understood with empathy for all of those involved.

A recurring theme was the occupancy of older houses, and the reuse of sites of habitation. Much as most of us love where we live, it was an object lesson in not getting too attached to our physical surroundings, or we too may need the assistance of some post-modern equivalent of CK to help us along our way.

This was a hugely enjoyable canter through an extracted series of case studies and escapades from around the world, which have given him a back-catalogue of stories to enthral and amuse any audience almost indefinitely. From the initial feedback to this zoom, participants were very taken both by the scope and the practical application of his work - and you know when a session has been well received when hardly anyone logs out before the host terminates the proceedings.

Not only was the formal part of the presentation fascinating, but the Q&A element at the end of the event raised numerous issues and comments, which expanded even further on the issues raised - and often illustrated some of them in different contexts.

One question elicited CK’s own definition of the difference between ghosts, spirits and entities - but I’ll leave you to look that one up amongst his considerable internet material.

Many thanks to Christian Kyriacou for being so generous with his time and his expertise. If you would like to follow up on his work, he has sent through the following message:

Dear Group,

Thank you for joining the session. I hope you found it interesting and of value. If you would like to join me in exploring deeper the understanding of your intimate relationship with home, please consider joining my 8-Part House Whispering Webinar Series.

With warm wishes


Nigel Twinn

October 2022


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