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Oct 2021 - Dowsing Earth Energies

Earth Energies

A talk by David Lockwood

on Sunday 3rd October at North Hill Village Hall

David Lockwood is a dowser and healer, and his earth energy talk was centred on these topics. He suggested that as we dowse and heal, our energy centres, namely chakras, open up, and we need to be aware of them. So, spiritual protection is necessary - and he requested it from the ‘Source of all Love and Light’. He then asked the group of 21 members what is the most abundant earth energy on our planet Earth?

After several suggestions David said he felt it was the Universal Life Force, which has several alternative names including Chi, Prana, Universal Earth Energy and Healing Energy. All living plants and creatures etc. need this energy to survive.

The next Question for the group was ‘where does it come from’?

David, in a talk at Camelford Spiritualist Church some fifteen years ago, said there must be vast storage places for this healing energy. About two months later he sat down and dowsed to find out. He was led to consider ley energy discs. By then, he and others had realised that they were not lines but containers of some kind, having both width and height.

David’s dowsing showed they were in fact large discs, three and a half times the diameter of the earth, and from deep into the planet. Their internal construction comprises several discs, spinning in opposing directions, so as to keep the universal life force active, and not stagnant. In fact, these are perpetual machines, put in place prior to life on this planet. They collapse during a lunar eclipse, indicating they are driven by the Sun. The discs have a supporting structure either side, mentioned in Adrian Incledon-Webber’s latest book. Adrian refers to them as Shepherd lines. David also suggested that Hamish Miller was aware of these supporting structures. The discs are amazing ‘engineering’ feats, lasting millennia at the very least. David’s slides showed images of these discs.

He went on say that these Earth Energy Discs appear to be different in structure to the better known flat-sided ley energy discs, as they have ‘crinkly sides’.

Hamish Miller had found the Michael and Mary ley energy ‘line’, which was so named as it was thought to have both male and female components associated with it. Adrian refers to these as ‘channels’, which also have supporting structures.

David demonstrated the crinkly nature of the earth energy line passing through the hall.

Likewise, earth energy discs have these male and female features. The group were asked to find one of the features associated with the ‘disc’ in the hall. All present then traced out the path of this disc and found its female component.

Beneath the hall there is also an underground watercourse, which produces another type of vortex - as well as the crossing of the disc and its female component.

The next slide showed Hamish’s Mary line component passing the front of the hall coming from the church.

David then said that this universal earth energy passes into our ‘chakras’ - and into our bodily organs - via the meridian system. There are many chakras, and consequently every cell in our bodies receives the correct vibration that it needs.

David went on to discuss the work of the German dowser, Baron von Pohl, who was asked to dowse the small town of Vilsbiburg in 1929, which had the highest per capita cancer death rate in Bavaria at that time. His results suggested that flowing streams of water under houses correlated with the presence of cancer in some humans.

He then touched on humans arguing in, say, a house - and then divorcing, leaving behind a Negative Energy Form, which can create a challenge for the next couple living in that house. Humans can also taint sections of energy discs and underground streams if they argue in, or above, them.

He showed some pictures of tree disfiguration due to earth energies, which seems to affect the trees in the very early stages of their growth.

He referred to Kathe Bacher’s book Earth Radiation, which demonstrates how babies try to avoid these uncomfortable earth energies while sleeping.

David also mentioned Human-Made Energy Fields, created where a human carries out a wilful act against an animal. All of these energies are healable.

As a footnote, he mentioned that we are all creators - and referred to Nigel Twinn’s creation of ‘blue flashing lights showing the way out’, should the lights fail in the hall! David dowsed that row of lights, which are still there - but of course not causing a challenge for anyone, and so may be left. We all need to know what we are capable of doing.

David thanked everyone for coming, and mentally closed everything down.

And ‘thanks to all who helped on the day’.



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