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Nov 2023 - Eileen Rendle

Psychic and Mediumship

A Presentation by Eileen Rendle

at North Hill Village Hall - 5th November 2023

It might have been Firework Night, but there were no pyrotechnics required.  Instead, we were treated to a masterclass of how to present a profound method of information retrieval, conducted as an everyday activity.

Eileen Rendle comes from a family line of women who have had the ability to sense the workings of the world beyond the five senses.  While most of us use a mixture of questioning and interpretation to do this, aided by using simple tools, Elaine is able to reach beyond the constraints of the material worldview by opening her heart and mind to her inner knowing.

The first part of this talk concerned an appreciation of the subtle, but important,

difference between using psychic awareness and invoking mediumship.  The former is essentially the use of your innate awareness - your gut feeling, if you like - to garner essential knowledge additional to that conventionally available.  Examples of this might be knowing that someone is about to call you before the phone actually rings, or indeed any similar form of prescience.  It could also include intangible feelings of anticipation or non-sensory discomfort, which could enable you to avoid potential harm or discern a beneficial course of action. This is very much the realm of near-mental experience - and is more loosely related to the systematic discipline of dowsing with rods or a pendulum.

The second portion of the proceedings was a short discourse by Elaine’s partner,  Alan, a healer, extending this experience to outline the link to the world of spirit - and describing his own experience of the phenomenon.  Alan explained that the everyday material world is surrounded by, and imbued with, a companion realm of spirit, inhabited by previously incarnate entities (aka your ancestors) who, under certain circumstances, can be contacted - or they can be invited to contact us.

Several of those present (most of whom attended the presentation with no expectation of personal involvement) ended up being given a message from a former relative.

As any experienced medium will tell you, they are merely functioning as a channel.  The practitioner opens up to the world beyond the veil - and simply recounts what comes through.   

Eileen was very straightforward in saying to the group that anyone who didn’t want to receive a message had only to fold their arms.  In the end, a number of those present were passed information appropriate to themselves.  Much of the interaction involved Eileen explaining personal attributes about the deceased, such as their appearance, or specific niche aspects of their relationship to the recipient.  Not everyone involved recognised the message ‘coming through’, but some were certainly only too aware of the identity of the sender - and others were more than a little surprised at the level of detail involved.  This was especially impressive, given that Eileen would have had no prior knowledge of the individuals attending the talk - effectively making it a double-blind procedure.

People talking to Eileen after the event found that, once out of the zone, she had little recollection of the information she had conveyed.  Again, in a striking parallel with mainstream dowsing, it’s a matter of opening up, channelling through and closing down.  Indeed, Eileen emphasised the need to close herself down after each such session - and to become thoroughly grounded again, before moving on to doing anything else.

Those of us who had never experienced anything of this precise nature previously were fascinated both by the scope of the work and by the matter-of-fact approach to what could be seen by some as a deeply problematic subject.  Far from delving into the realm of the weird and the mystical, this was a very down to earth person undertaking a routine activity in the full glare of the public eye - and delivering her nuggets of information in the mild lilt of a real resident of East Cornwall.

Like dowsing, mediumship doesn’t work all the time, probably due to the unavoidable filtering by all of the human, and formerly human, links in the chain.  However, Eileen’s cameo demonstration showed us how it could, and can, operate meaningfully much of the time.  Dowsing comes in many forms - and this was an object lesson in the benefits of keeping our own channels of communication and insight open with the unseen world around us.

Many thanks to Eileen, and to Alan, for coming down from Bude to talk to us and - as ever - to all those who helped to make this well-attended event such a demonstrable success.

Nigel Twinn

Tamar Dowsers, November 2023

Eileen can be contacted via her website:


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