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May 2022 - Nigel and Maggie Percy

Updated: Jun 7, 2022

Ghosts, Curses and Aliens

How to deal with things that go bump in the night

Anyone looking for a matter-of-fact, down to earth presentation of some of the more complex issues of the dowsing craft would have found this presentation hard to equal.

Anglo-American couple Nigel, originally from Watford, and Maggie, a former NASA scientist are an impressive, yet homely, dowsing duo with a back catalogue of solved and resolved mysteries, which puts them on a platform with divining aristocracy.

This session explained how they cope with the impact of ghosts (discarnate entities), curses (directed intentions of negative outcomes) and aliens (non-terran intelligent species).

Their approach had much in common with the late UK dowser, Christopher Strong - and I am sure many in the audience warmed to them in a similar manner.

Unlike more flamboyant speakers, the Percys were keen to point out right from the start that the more serious - and therefore more noteworthy - cases are rare examples, only included for reference and interest. Most of their caseload has been far more routine, and it is not necessary to overcomplicate a situation by looking for exceptional factors. They were also keen to emphasise that anyone could do the sort of work that they have been doing for decades - albeit with due appreciation for psychic protection and a modicum of experience.

It is always reassuring to hear reiterated that not everything that seems scary, or literally goes bump in the night, is in fact detrimental. In the case of ghosts, it can just be a cry for help. A curse can be a passing expletive that melts away - and anyway a prayer can be understood as the inverse. And while alien interventions can be noxious, more often as not, they turn out to have been chance contacts from the distant past, no longer active in the present time.

Perhaps the nub of the work of Nigel and Maggie revolves around understanding the source and nature of the felt detriment. Earth centred, human generated and cosmic energies require subtly different approaches. Similarly, there is a great gulf between those energies that are conscious and those that merely exist. The written work of the Percys details their approach to each of these.

In the case of ghosts, Maggie described the process as ‘sending misplaced beings to their right and perfect place’. With curses, it is important to find out their source - and it’s not always the obvious suspects - and to disempower the originator. With alien issues, it is critical to appreciate whether the influence is from a situation in times gone by, or whether it is part of an ongoing experiment, from which you, or your client, can opt out.

Such is their experience, that they make it seem deceptively simple - another parallel with Christopher Strong - but the essence of their message is that we can all do something similar, if we apply ourselves to the task in hand.

Another significant point about this approach is that before we start to anything, we need to get ourselves and our own attitude into an appropriate state. Being stable and grounded, having sound intent and motivation - and, most of all, having confidence in ourselves and our abilities are all important to a successful outcome for this type of activity. If you believe it will work, it will - and while everyone has their own concept of external assistance in their endeavours, at heart it is you, the individual, that is channelling through the process. You need to be aware of your strength and your purpose. Maybe that’s the hardest bit of all - the rest is just practice, practice, practice.

The Percys are very straight about not dowsing or healing when you are less than 100% yourself. After all, you wouldn’t drive a car when you are feeling ill, and clearing perceived detriment is way more important than that.

Their litany of case studies were both fun and fundamental - isolated instances with significant storylines - but it indicated the spread of experience that has taken them to this point in their careers.

They also displayed the benefits of working as a pair. So often dowsers, by choice or necessity, work alone. Here we saw the impact of two heads being more effective that one. Knowing what to do and, more importantly, when to stop and ask for help can be a real boon. We are all good at some aspects of the craft, and find other areas more challenging. Know yourself and be willing to call in the back-up, either physically or psychically. If we knew everything, we would already be the universal mind - but that’s for another day.

This was a most enjoyable and enlightening evening, given generously by two people with combined experience of many a lifetime.

Many thanks to Maggie and Nigel for hosting us at this workshop, and for inviting us into their home in Georgia, USA. Many thanks, too, to Sue Scott Powell of the Thames Valley Dowsers for setting it up and, as so often, to Gwynn from the DDs for flicking the switches in his inimitable manner.

Nigel Twinn

Tamar Dowsers, May 2022

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