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May 2021 - Maria Wheatley

Stone Circles and their Manifestation

A presentation to the Trencrom, Devon, Tamar,

Somerset and Thames Valley Dowsing Groups

‘There’s a lot going on at a stone circle’. That was the core message of this talk by Maria Wheatley - daughter of the late author Denis Wheatley, and inheritor of the chain of information that has flowed from the seminal earth energy dowser, Guy Underwood.

Although Maria’s examples were mainly drawn from her home site - the Rollright Stones in Oxfordshire - in essence, the power of the energy patterns she was describing should apply to any of the stone circles in the UK.

The most ancient megaliths in Cumbria and Scotland seem to be particularly energetic, and the more complete circles, such as the largely intact Swinside ring in Cumbria, retain their original function to a greater extent. However, even largely ruinous former circles retain at least some of their former potential prowess.

Concentric rings of anything - particularly circles of standing stones, but also of salt (as used in occult practices) and even a circle drawn on paper with a compass - can propagate subtle energy, the energy of shape, which is so crucial to reiki and similarly visualised activities.

We can all sense this type of energy by walking into a stone (or other) circle and crossing the concentric hoops one by one - male/female, positive/negative lunar/solar alternating from band to band however you prefer to sense or to work with them.

To maximise this impact, it is always wise to enter the circle by the original entrance and to leave by the designed exit. Otherwise you will be walking against the intended flow (which is usually the case at the Rollrights, where the exit portal of the circle is the one nearest to the ticket office!) and much of the potential benefit can be lost.

Maria described how adding the ‘form energy’ of straighter tangential currents to this circular momentum produces ‘spin energy’, which is the more powerful manifestation of geomantic currents at such sites. This spin energy is, in turn, also focussed on and collected by outlier stones, from whence it can be ‘downloaded’. At the exit point of a circle, you will often find that one upright is slightly offset, sometimes referred to as a Power Stone, which may indicate its purpose in this context.

She feels that the crystalline structure of outliers, also called beacon stones, facilitates the transfer of the energy to the human body. Apparently, this transfer is best achieved at a temperature of 21C (i.e. in the summer!), but will still take place at lower temperatures, albeit rather more slowly.

Maria not only encourages dowsers to use the usual protocols of permission, and to make contact with site guardians and the energy of place, but also to inform the on-site spirituality what you are intending to do. It seems they don’t like unpleasant surprises any more than we do!

When we state our intention to manifest energy at a site, we should start slowly and steadily crank up the rhythm until we reach a point of climax, before letting go. As with all dowsing, it’s always be clear and straightforward about what you are trying to manifest.

Maria finds that each stone has a horizontal energy banding structure - similar to human chakras – with two bands under the ground. The ‘forehead’ (indigo chakra) of the upright is used for long-distance information transmission, sending the energy to other sites at some distance.

Stone circles and other megalithic structures were never built in isolation and the comparatively solitary nature of them is a result of quite recent human history. From Orkney to Wiltshire to Dartmoor stone structures used to form an integrated network - and it seems quite possible that this matrix was part of a prehistoric subtle energy transfer system.

In addition to the energy of the concentric, there is also the interwoven earth energy of the geospiral found (often in intertwined pairs - NT) at all stone circles. Circular sacred sites are busy and buzzy places - and that’s without water, ley and earth grid currents added to the mix.

People have come to the opinion that these geospirals are responsive to astronomical cycles and that they are at their stongest energetically six days after the new moon.

Maria introduced the work of the renowned earth energy dowser, Tom Graves, including his finding that certain stones at the Rollrights have either a rightward or a leftward spin when dowsed with a pendulum.

These, she and her collaborators have termed earth voltage points, which manifest either ‘male’ or ‘female ‘ energy on the earth’s surface.

She has taken this work further and, during a visit to Egypt, found that many of the statues and obelisks remaining in situ from the Pharoic period are underpinned by this type of energy. In one sense, it could be said that these statues and representations of ancient dignitaries and demigods are, to some extent, ‘brought to life’ by this energy.

Her presentation went on to note that the long-distance Ellen and Bellinus lines, which pass close to the Rollrights, actually pass wide of the circle itself, but connect with other archaeological features in the immediate area.

A final image showed the work of Guy Ragland Phillips, who has discovered an earth grid, which is interestingly composed of parallelograms (as opposed to the squares and rectangles of Hartmann, Curry and Benker). This grid forms part of his work on the pre-Saxon kingdom of Brigantia, which covers the far north of what is now England. (See Guy Ragland Phillips - Brigantia: A Mysteriography).

Maria managed to pack more information about earth energy features and phenomena into an hour than most of us could probably manage in year.

Her father’s heritage, and the link to Guy Underwood, make her a fascinating speaker, with a huge amount of experience to inspire the forthcoming generation of geomancers.

Many thanks to Maria Wheatley for this presentation. I’m off to find power stones and earth voltages at my local sites!

Nigel Twinn

Tamar Dowsers

May 2021

Maria Wheatley’s book - A New View of the Rollright Ring: Exploring ley lines and earth energies discusses some of the topics raised in this talk.


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