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May 2019 - Dowsing / Healing

Updated: Jan 5, 2020

A workshop by David Lockwood

at North Hill Village hall

We rarely dowse for the sake of it. Indeed, Tamar Dowsers’ founding member, Alan Neal, often reminds us that the need to know the answer to our dowsing questions is one of the primary reasons for its successful application. And there can be fewer more pressing needs-to-know than those in the field of non-physical wellbeing.

In this session, TD member and leader of The Duchy Healers, David Lockwood, worked through the practical uses of dowsing as a means of gleaning information that can lead improvements in the mental and physiological welfare of those seeking assistance.

Working in pairs, we sought out the extent of the auras of our colleagues - and then had a look at the impact of positive and negative mental states, or internal images, on those auras. Some were surprised to find much at all, while others were even more surprised to find that the auras expanded or contracted to an easily measurable extent, almost in real time.

Further practical exercises had us working our way through the seven main chakras of our partners for the day. Again, most had little difficulty finding these energy fields. Measuring the strength (and in some cases weakness) of those features seemed to be a little more subjective, but there was certainly sufficient agreement of results to validate the process, at least for demonstration purposes.

The next step took us deeper into the dowsing process, by seeking to identify the root causes of low readings for certain chakras in certain people. In my own case, a particularly low reading in my solar plexus appeared to correspond with an unresolved situation dating back several years. Maybe, it was no coincidence that this depletion corresponded physically with my need for recent major surgery in that very region. Time will tell if the input from the group will help me to further overcome this issue.

Other members had other scenarios to describe - and the endgame for this gathering of personal information was to effect improvements in the ‘low-scoring’ chakras. It was interesting that in some cases the dowsing indicated that the raising of the chakra ‘count’ was immediate - but that, in other cases, it might be several weeks, or even months, before the full benefit would be fully manifest.

Carrying the dowsing/healing activity a bit further still, we looked for holes or tears in the chakras. This was more advanced work, but nevertheless several people found aspects of their colleagues’ etheric body that seemed to be distorted or out of kilter with their physical body.

Again, a little healing input was put to good use - with even those unused to working in this manner getting apparently definitive positive results.

We all have much to learn about the practice of hands-off and remote healing. Each case is different and the needs of each ‘client’ unique. What was quite evident here was that even quite basic dowsing can identify aspects of a non-physical body, which could benefit from third party input - and with a modicum of humility and goodwill most of us can effect something useful with a minimum of risk.

David is always keen to stress the need for the dowser/healer to stand back and to keep themselves out of the process, as much as possible. The healer is merely acting as a two-way channel for information transfer and positive change.

He has his own system of calling on ‘the source’ of energy, love and light, which others are welcome to follow, or to adapt in a manner more appropriate to their own outlook or philosophy. The situation can be summed up simply in that the information is always available from within the source - and there will always be people who can benefit from having knowledge of it. The dowser/healer is the vital conduit that links the ever-open cosmic end of the channel with the client in need of receiving it.

There were many worthwhile features of David’s workshop - not least that those of us who do not use the pendulum as a tool of first choice felt obliged to get in some much needed practice in a safe and supportive environment.

Even the longer-standing dowsers and the more experienced healers clearly derived both interest and personal information in engaging with a fellow practitioner, especially one with his own individual style and delivery.

The ‘sunny summer Sunday syndrome’ may have kept the numbers down a bit for this event, but those of us who attended it certainly enjoyed our afternoon, and we gained both benefit and confidence from the session.

Many thanks, as ever, to all those who helped to put on this workshop - and, of course, to our own David Lockwood for his presentation.

Nigel Twinn

Tamar Dowsers, May 2019

David Lockwood can be contacted on 01566 86024

His courses cover:

Dowsing for Health & Healing

Finding Water

Healing Sad Houses & Places

Geopathic Stress Consultancy

Past Life Research & Healing

Ancestral Healing

Soul Release


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