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May 2012 - IDD at The Hurlers

Measured Movement at Minions

The first International Day of Dowsing

5th May 2012

The phrases ‘Bodmin Moor’ and ‘International Event’ are not often found in the same sentence. However, such is the significance of the legacy of Hamish Miller that we now appreciate that shifts of cosmic importance can be sensed just as clearly in the post-industrial badlands of East Cornwall as at Giza, Nazca or Angkor.

On what would have been Hamish’s 85th birthday, an eclectic group of over 30 dowsers and singers, augmented by a few passers by, gathered at the Hurlers Stone Circles to play their part in a global experiment on the first - and somewhat embryonic - International Day of Dowsing.

The essence was simplicity itself. Groups would assemble around the country and across the world to measure the impact (if any) of ‘earth singers’ pouring their intent into the Michael and Mary line complex at various points.

On a surprisingly dry and clear day on Bodmin Moor, the singers, marshalled by Sue Weaver and Marcus Mason, started to chant in unison in the northern circle of the Hurlers at about 2.40pm. The dowsers, guided by Alan Neal, had already marked out the widths of various dowsable energy lines and features, in preparation. However, after about a quarter of an hour of concentrated singing, nothing much had happened. I was even starting to contemplate how I could put a positive spin on of one the most embarrassing dowsing outcomes of all time.

But, as we always say, never anticipate dowsing results telling you what you expect. As 3.00pm approached, the string of singers wound into a moving circle, prior to processing towards the middle stone ring, where Hamish had described the Michael and Mary lines crossing over at a point close to the centre. Almost at once, the first slight expansion of some of the currents was observed. This continued until the singing ceased at around 3.15pm - with the lines beginning to shrink back towards their original widths noticeably about 10-15 minutes later.

While I am sure that the intent of the singers had a much greater effect on planetary wellbeing than the documented statistics indicate, for the record the figures showed:

Michael Line: Maximum Expansion (M.E.) 95cm (51 east / 44 west)

Mary Line: M.E. 350 cm

Hurlers to Caradon Hill energy ley: M.M. 118cm (74 north / 44 south)

Water line (just south of centre in the middle circle): M.E. 126cm (74 north/ 52 south)

Outer edge of earth energy spiral in centre circle: M.E. 5 paces

The energy aura around the individual stones M.E. 1-2 paces

The width of the geological fault, which Alan Neal feels to be the physical source of the Michael and Mary lines, was unchanged.

As the dowsers had marked up the various lines with flags, the singers were obliged to avoid those areas whist in the centre circle - resulting in them performing that latter part of the singing slightly off-centre, just to the north of the node. It was therefore interesting that the resulting line expansions were a little asymmetrical. However, no attempt was made to examine this further.

As ever, the results raised as many questions as answers - and provided portals for further research. Would a line of consciousness expand more than an energy ley? Was the expansion due solely to the singing locally, to the intent globally - or even just to the attention of the individual dowsers? Was the full moon an influence on the expansion? How would pictograms or manifestations have been affected? What would happen at other points along the line, where there was no singing or intent being applied locally?

Some people seemed surprised, even excited, that any expansion had been recorded at all - while others seemed a little disappointed by the limited scale of the movement. As ever, much depends on the expectations of the observer. Given the dampened energies experienced at Merrivale a few days earlier, at Beltane, I wondered if there were larger factors influencing the observations.

What can be said, quite categorically, is that the researchers were able to measure a distinct and significant expansion of all of the dowsable lines related to earth energy. This expansion was synchronous with, and probably related to, the intent of the singers, and started to manifest itself close to 3.00pm - the official agreed time at which the singing was coordinated along the lines.

The only line not to move at all was the geological fault (which was probably a good job, as we could all have ended up at the bottom of a very deep pit!).

My dowsing of the ley was something of an afterthought - and another time, I would like to examine both a straight energy line and a line of consciousness, both of which cross the Michael and/or Mary lines.

An interesting aside of the informal gathering was that a significant number of people had arrived independently, but found distant friends and acquaintances who had heard of the event from different and diverse sources. It was very much in tune with Hamish’s dream of a Parallel Community of like-minded and positively-determined souls brought together by a common purpose.

Many of those present expressed a wish to hold a similar event next year - and the exchange of phone numbers and emails in the Hurlers Halt Café afterwards ensured that the social aspect of the event had been a runaway success. The café owner was quietly pleased, and completely unphased, by an unexpected flood of alternative custom in need of tea, cakes and an excuse to carry on conversing.

Many thanks to Sue and Marcus for taking time out to organise the singers - and to Alan for sorting out the dowsing, and for fielding the numerous queries of puzzled tourists and inquisitive dog walkers.

Nigel Twinn May 2012


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