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Jan 2006 - Dowsing/Healing

Updated: Dec 19, 2019

A Talk by Alan Neal

North Hill Village Hall

January 2006

It was very fitting that the man around whom the Tamar Dowsers had coalesced in 2002, was also present to endorse the group’s decision to affiliate to the British Society of Dowsers – and to attract a record attendance of 55 TDs, friends and members of the public to this inaugural event of our fourth season.

Alan Neal is arguably better known for his teaching and expertise in the ‘conventional’ areas of the practice – water & mineral divining, energy clearing and archaeological dowsing. Yet he has been progressively drawn towards using his undoubted ability, in the field of the healing of both people and places.

His personal journey into this realm started, not by some dramatic revelation, not even through the encouragement of a charismatic guru, but by the straightforward need of a close relative to be healed. Being the down-to-earth dowser that he is, Alan freely admits that reading a book and having a go was probably not the best way to set out on the task - but needs must and, with unseen assistance, his first efforts produced positive results and with them the confidence to develop his own system of removing negativity from a client, and replacing it with energy that helps to heal.

Alan explained that everything on the planet has its own energetic vibration – and that includes the flora and the fauna, of which we are a part. While anyone with a musical background will be aware that a tuning fork will transmit its vibration to other tuning forks and correctly tuned piano strings in the same room, without physical contact. Dowsers have ascertained that the same exchange of resonance can happen between many other objects – usually from the larger (or more energetic) entity to the smaller or weaker.

So it is with the actions of the healer. Although the healer acts only as a conduit for the healing energy of the universe, the impact of retuning the dysfunctional energy of the client to the harmonious note of good health is not dissimilar to the work of the piano tuner.

The secret is – over time - to restore the vibrational energy of the brain of a client to a neutral (alpha) position. Many of the stress-related conditions that plague the modern world appear to be associated with the frenetic pace of life, which shifts the brain’s energy pattern to a higher level (the beta state - or in serious cases even higher). During a healing session, the brainwaves of the client are subtly synchronised with those of the healer - and through them to the source - in a similar manner to the tuning fork example. Often the result is that the client moves through the alpha state to a theta position of deep relaxation – and consequently goes to sleep!

Alan was keen to stress that in undergoing a healing session, both the healer and the client can be placed in quite a vulnerable situation and it is very important to protect both participants throughout the process and to close the session down properly at its conclusion.

Many of Alan’s interventions had clearly been successful. Even those that had not provided demonstrably improved medical results had left both the healer and the client with the feeling that the outcome had been in the best interests of the recipient.

For someone who does not advertise overtly, and effectively therefore relies on word of mouth for his healing work, the steadily increasing number of people seeking his help brings its own endorsement.

In response to questions, Alan moved on to discuss the impact of geopathic stress on health. It was apparent to him that many of the situations he was asked to address were the result of (literally) underlying energy patterns, often resulting from water flowing underground, below the place where the client habitually slept on spent much of their time. This is a situation that could be resolved either by changing the activity pattern of the client - or the moving the dowsable effects of water.

This was an excellent link to our talk in February, which will concern energy lines and geopathic stress.

Alan was asked if it was safe to attempt to heal oneself – and to heal others at a distance, in repetition and even without their knowledge. Alan’s reply to each of these was a definite ‘yes’. It is the intent to heal that is the most important feature of the process. The healer is, at most, only a channel for conveying energy from the wider world that can then rebalance the ailing individual.

There was clearly a great deal of interest in Alan’s work and it was particularly beneficial for those who might have been sceptical about the effects of such non-contact alternative therapy, to hear it from a practitioner, whose feet remain firmly planted in the ground of East Cornwall.

Many thanks indeed to Alan for taking time out from a busy schedule to talk to us: to Pete & Jenny for organising the hall: and to Annie, Ruth & John for dealing with the refreshments.

Nigel Twinn

January 2006

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