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April 2021 - Susan Collins

Get Healthy!

with dowsing

A zoom workshop with Susan Collins

for the Trencrom, Tamar, Devon, Somerset

and Thames Valley Dowsing Groups

As with just about every worthwhile endeavour in life, most of the effort and the thought should be invested in preparation. After that, the actuality should be comparatively straightforward. Well, that’s the theory.

This talk by Susan Collins was wrapped around the protocols of dowsing for health, but in essence it was all about getting prepared - and taking a tried and tested, step-by-step approach to the subject. Working out why, what and how you find out the relevant information is the key, and only then activating the tools of the trade.

Susan herself came into dowsing, and into health dowsing in particular, the hard way. Having suffered medical problems for decades, she finally found that beyond the here-and-now of medical chemicals and invasive interventions, there was an unseen world of energies and information. As many others have found after spending years in corporate business, it was quite a revelation.

Her description of ‘dowsing as applied consciousness’ seemed very appropriate (and that’s a word that comes up often in Susan’s protocols) - and her view that dowsing is about detecting and transforming energy certainly echoes the morphing sense that the craft is extending its reach from simply identifying (appropriate) information to manipulating it for the common good.

As a Canadian-born anglo-scot, Susan has become aware of the commonality of purpose and outlook of clans, groups and tribes across the globe, when it comes to dealing with the world (or should that be dimensions?) beyond this one. Her acknowledgement of the deep appreciation of what, in the European sense, we might call indigenous wisdom has been reciprocated by American First People elder, White Eagle, in bestowing on her the name of ‘Carrier of the Sacred Water, Water Woman’.

Given that much of her early dowsing career involved the finding of well sites and water resources, that too seems remarkably appropriate.

Her description of the dowsing tool as the universal translator is also highly relevant in this context. Now teamed up with former President of the British Society of Dowsers, Grahame Gardner, to form ‘International Dowsers’, her reach really does seem to have become world-wide.

However, for all her remarkable success, on and off the Internet, Susan remains well grounded and evidently approachable. This presentation wasn’t even about the practicalities of dowsing, as such, but concerned the protocol required to get to ensure that the process operates successfully. Getting the basics right, and in the right order, makes the difference between a productive outcome and something less satisfactory.

Balancing yourself as the healer; connecting with your appropriate aides and helpers; forgiving yourself personally; cleansing yourself spiritually; maximising your energetic assets; seeking those appropriate permissions; only then actually doing any dowsing; creating an energy matrix, if necessary, to keep any actions in place; disconnecting properly; thanking the source; communicating appropriately with the end client.

In essence, Collins’ litany is not, in itself, rocket science, but it is a honed down, tried and trusted interlinking system, based on the enlightenment and insight of a woman who has been through, and worked alongside, a vast back-catalogue of episodes and experience.

Those who feel that downloading anyone else’s system lock stock and barrel is somewhat missing the point, should bear in mind that the scaffolding outlined in this presentation is just the tip of a very deep iceberg. While Susan makes it seem simple for the purposes of a brief presentation, even the most obvious of enquiries in the Q&A elicited a glimpse into the depth of field of each of the steps in the protocol.

Even without the tool-waving practical stuff, there is layer upon layer to this process, and it really does take much of a lifetime to work through most of it. For example, psychic protection involves a sub-set five-stage protocol, while dealing with ‘trickster energies’ could clearly provide enough material for a substantial book in its own right.

Susan has her own style, from the intermittent sighs as she drops into dowsing mode, to that emphasis on appropriateness - not trying to deal with everything for everyone all the time, but engaging appropriate protection; asking for appropriate support; seeking appropriate information and taking appropriate actions.

Perhaps one of the most endearing traits of Susan’s approach is her unwillingness to attack problems head on. Tricksters apart, most issues that health specialists come across are not intentional conflicts - it’s more that there are different entities, with different needs and outlooks, competing for the same energy, space and/or time. It is a core attribute of her personal philosophy that wherever possible we should always at least attempt to negotiate a solution. Even the most intransigent of issues can have more potential for a positive outcome if you can stand in the shoes of the protagonists.

Susan likes to use tools, rather than to go totally deviceless. Her logic is that rods and pendulums tend to keep the energies at arms length, partly for protection, but more to enable the flow of information to be more evenly paced, so that we don’t get overloaded with a tidal wave of consciousness. The concept is that while we can handle ‘the truth’, whatever it throws at us, by implementing her protocol, we can only manage so much of it at a time. Successful dowsing outcomes are those that process input at an appropriate rate. Again, the voice of wisdom sensed through the subtle filter of experience.

Her tools, and in particular her favoured bobber, are low tech, but high performance. She eschews most gadgets - and just works with intention, consciousness and appropriate energies.

The objective of her protocol system is as simple as it is aspirational. It is to seize ‘the opportunity to exist in a constant state of grace’ - and you’d struggle to do better than that!

Many thanks to Susan for speaking to us from Toronto, in Canada where, sadly, she was still seriously locked-down - and with her country making slow progress out of the pandemic. Covid may not be inherently malign, but negotiating with it is proving to be testing, even for the best of us.

Nigel Twinn

Tamar Dowsers

April 2021

Susan Collins can be contacted via

Her latest book – Get Healthy with Dowsing is available from her website


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