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Feb 2022 - Caitlin Matthews

Walking Between Worlds

A zoom presentation by Caitlín Matthews to the

Thames Valley, Tamar, Devon, Trencrom

and Somerset dowsing groups

There are many parallel paths by which we access information that we can’t see, touch, taste, smell or feel. Dowsing is certainly one such path, but closely aligned to it is the way of the shaman.

While the dowser stands clearly on this bank of the flow and reaches through the veil by precise questioning, the shaman ventures psychically to the other side, linked only by a spiritual sinew to the material world.

In this fascinating introduction, Caitlín Matthews offered many examples of how her shamanic work had helped her clients to overcome, or at least come to terms with, unresolved issues in the physical realm that have originated in the spiritual domain.

Her explanation is that the world has two sides - one reality seen, and one unseen. Her role is to bring both into balance. She is forever walking between the two worlds.

Many people who suffer from a deficiency in one of their senses, tend to compensate for it in another way. As Caitlín is very shortsighted, she has developed a personal form of ‘echo-location’, which enables her to understand her immediate environment in a non-visual manner. It also enables her to appreciate what is present in both the physical and the non-physical worlds around her.

As a modus operandi for the deliverance of healing, she uses her voice - effectively singing a harmonic resolution to an imbalance through the medium of spirit. Indeed, the sound of her voice is so engaging that I felt she could have kept us both entertained and entrained all afternoon.

Oxford-based, but internationally orientated, she is an acknowledged authority on the Celtic world and its spiritual practices - with a veritable library of published works on the subject to her name. Yet, her down-to-earth approach and candid presentation, was absolutely ideal for an audience, many of whom would have not have had a detailed understanding of the activities of a shaman.

In common with many spirit workers, she only tends to be called in when all else has failed - and this leads her back-catalogue of assignments to be littered with strange cases that would be quite inexplicable in terms of more physical healing procedures.

Caitlín states, quite categorically, that she is only a channel for healing information to pass between the realms. She calls in her spirit allies to effect the actual changes. She sees herself, metaphorically, as being just the manual labour in the process. As she explains, “Without spirit, I would be of little more use than a toaster without electricity”.

Another significant component of her shamanic work involves soul retrieval. Many clients suffer from ‘soul loss’ and ‘soul fragmentation’. While we may consider a ‘soul’ to be a single unit, it might be helpful to look at a soul as being more like a bag of tennis balls. Some are in play at any given time, some are still in the bag, some are left on the sidelines - while a few have been whacked over the fence never to be seen again. Getting all the balls back into the right place - re-integrating the soul into a coherent entity - is, in essence, what she is trying to achieve.

Clearly, she has had considerable success in doing just that as her caseload is substantial, and she only takes on those who come to her by word of mouth.

A good deal of her shamanic work concerns ‘taking stuff away’ or

recovering it.

‘Power loss’ is a common malfunction of those who seek her help - people who feel they are drifting through life without direction and with little agency. She finds that this malady is often part of the residue of a trauma that they experienced earlier in their life - but it can also be traced back to previous lives or even through the ancestral lines of the client.

People often contact Caitlín because they have lost their way in life, a dysfunction that she calls ‘vocational disturbance’. Almost, what-am-I-here-for? syndrome. She finds this can sometimes be addressed quite simply by asking the client ‘What do people come to you for?’ Standing in the shoes of others is one of the key skills of any energy work, but in this latter case it shows that there are occasions in a life when it can be hard enough to stand in your own!

During lockdown and beyond, we have been blessed with a wide range of experienced and thought-provoking speakers. This was something of a masterclass in putting over concepts that can be difficult to understand in a matter-of-fact manner - a nub of nuance in a nutshell.

Many thanks to Caitlín Matthews for taking the time out from a busy schedule to speak to us. I am sure her word-of-mouth list of referees has expanded a little more as a result.

Nigel Twinn

Tamar Dowsers

February 2022

For more information, the website of Caitlin and John Matthews is:


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