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Dec 2023 - Helen Fox/Lesley Oates

Dowsing Energy Bodies

A talk and workshop at North Hill Village Hall

for the Tamar Dowsers

by Helen Fox and Lesley Oates

Investigating human auras and their impact on wellbeing is one of the most

fascinating and useful aspects of the dowser’s craft. While it can be enlightening to

appreciate the scale of the universe or consider the reality of time, actually helping

someone to feel better - and even for them to make through to the following day - is

in a different league of practical application entirely.

The afternoon commenced with Camborne-based healer, Lesley Oates, giving us an overview of the concept of the human body forever floating in an ocean of energies.

These are forces at the edge of our perception, which nonetheless mould and influence our feelings and our emotions - and, by inference, our senses and our behaviours - to the

extent that both our mental and our physical health can be significantly enhanced.

Few modern practitioners would claim to directly heal the seriously ill or dangerously demented, but by using the simple investigative techniques of dowsing we certainly

appear to be able to locate sources of detrimental imbalance. We are then able to apply remote or hands-on healing to address an otherwise difficult-to-detect energetic issue - often with a consequential improvement to the recipient’s mental and/or physical situation.

Lesley explained the various auras that surround the physical body, and how these

interact across the dimensions via the chakra points, which have been identified since

time immemorial in various philosophies - notably those originating in South Asia

and the Far East.While there are generally considered to be seven main chakras in the human body, from the base of the spine to the crown of the skull, many dowsers and healers can identify further such points above and below the spinal chain, together with others in

the limbs and organs.

Having been given the academic background, we were then invited to sit on chairs, or

to lie on yoga mats or blankets, while a partner sought to locate our own chakra points

and to make an assessment of their state of balance.

In this instance, rods or pendulums were used for our assessment, although an

experienced healer would probably be more inclined to run their hands slowly over

the various chakra points and to engage even more intuitively with the ‘client’. Either

way, the object of the exercise was to identify the chakras of the sitting or prone

subject and to ‘measure’ the healthiness of each point. Most of us found most of the

points without too much difficulty. Some found more than others, with a few locating

additional chakra points above the head and below the base of the spine.

It was interesting to hear that in some cases where imbalances were found, these

tended to correspond with previously known medical conditions. It’s always nice to

have a bit or corroborative feedback!

Those with more confidence or experience went on to apply healing by holding their

rods or swinging their pendulum until they received the signal that remote healing had

been completed - at least to the extent that a provider could achieve in somewhat

artificial circumstances.

In Hands of Light, which has become the seminal work on the subject, Barbara

Brennan describes the chakras as swirling coloured vortices of energy. As ever, once

someone has put an idea into the information field, it is difficult not to see it in that

way. However, other spiritually adept practitioners tend to experience the chakras’

interfaces as more similar to tubes of light. What does seem to be a common

experience for people of many backgrounds and cultures, is the location of the seven

major points, their colours and their interaction with defined aspects of human

biology and biodynamics.

By the end of the workshop, we were better informed about the process of dowsing

energy bodies and, especially for the new members joining us this time, it was a good

opportunity to witness the application of the practical dowsing of wellbeing - with

subsequent non-physical remedial input, literally at first hand.

Many thanks to Helen and Lesley for providing this much appreciated event - and, as

ever, to all those who worked so hard to make it happen.

Nigel Twinn

Tamar Dowsers

December 2023


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