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September 2003 - A talk by John Christian

Dowser and Artist


One of the great joys of listening to an experienced dowser is that you never know what they are going to say next.

Sure, dowsing has its established systems and styles, procedures and protocols - but seemingly everyone who has been dowsing for any length of time has their own angle on the world (or should that be dimension?), their own interests and their own path.  You could write a book on what dowsing is - and many have done so - but to try to explain even a smidgeon of what it all means and where it is taking us would fill a library (or should that be a database?).

John Christian is one of that rare breed of dowsers who started young. Indeed, he couldn't recall precisely when he 'started', only that his father dowsed and it is something has been with him, and been part of his life, ever since.

Much of John's talk related to the earth energies of ancient sites, both locally and abroad, which was clearly of great interest to the TDs.  His style of using an OHP foil of the plan of a site - and then an overlay of the various energy lines present - was both clear and informative.

John understands the various energies strongly in terms of their colours - something that the TDs are just coming to terms with - so this was a significant topic of discussion.  Many of the sites he illustrated were local, indeed some were places we had visited ourselves.  However, John had also dowsed in Australia, when visiting his daughter and it is interesting, and perhaps reassuring, to note that the perception of energy colours seems to be international.  In the world of dowsing, there is so much that is personal opinion and unconfirmed conjecture, that it is nice, occasionally, to come across something that seems to have some concrete worldwide application - at least in the physical world.

John has other dowsing interests, which include map dowsing and distance healing, but we could only get a flavour of his vast experience in one session.
I would just like to thank John for taking the trouble to travel over from Gidleigh to talk to us, to Annie for setting it up and of course to Jacki for being our host.

Footnote: The following Sunday, I visited one of the sites mentioned in John's talk - the stone circle at Scorhill.   I did confirm the red, black and white lines entering the site, splitting into their component parts and reforming to continue their journey - just as he had described.  Now did I find what I expected to find . . . ?  Maybe that's another talk for another day.

Nigel Twinn
Tamar Dowsers
September 2003


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