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Sept 2021 - Stannon and Trippet Stones

Tamar Dowsers Field Trip 1st September 2021

TD member Neve Heartwood writes:

Stannon Stone Circle:

Several of us agreed that Stannon has changed in size since it was first built - and it can feel very changeable at different times.

There were lots of spirals & triangles present, which were found by all. Helen Fox, Rosie Heartwood and I felt strongly that animal sacrifice had taken place there at some point, and all agreed the location as being what we now call the Healing Stone, which is in the centre of the circle.

Helen, and John Lockwood, aged the original circle on Stannon Moor at around 5,000 years old; Rosie had it at 5,400 - and I felt it to be closer to ten thousand! John, Ross Lockwood and Denise found the energy to be low - and that this was probably due to inappropriate offerings having been left in the circle, which they dowsed would take a further 3 days to fully heal.

John dowsed that 112 stones had been erected initially, by local inhabitants (Helen & John felt there was a strong community nearby) - with 12 added later. On reflection, he revised his dowsing to 32 initially. He also felt that both circles were used for important meetings/celebrations, and for celebrations of seasons/weddings/funerals (although we found no actual burials there).

Rosie thought there were originally 74 stones.

Helen felt it was a female structure, used in moon rituals.

However, Rosie & I feel it was male - with a female 'Healing stone'.

Trippet Stone Circle:

We all agreed there was a nice, restful and relaxing energy there. In fact, no one felt particularly compelled to dowse much! A few of us even felt our memory was affected.

The general consensus was that there were burials within; John dowsed 6 chiefs/elders, I found 5 of the same status, three of which were in a straight line which pints to Roughtor.

Helen felt there were 7 missing stones, which were all female (Rosie got 9) and that it was about 3,500 years old. John dowsed that it was around 2800 BC and built by local inhabitants.

Rosie & I feel it is a male circle, very friendly! It was used by men, whereas the nearby Stripple stones, were used by women.

Many thanks to Stuart Dow and Helen Fox for getting this field trip off the ground, as it were - and to Neve Heartwood for the information and diagram.


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