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November 2022 - Jim Willis

Updated: Feb 24, 2023

Dowsing in Quantum Reality

A zoom talk by Jim Willis

to the Devon, Tamar Dowsers, Trencrom,

Somerset and Thames Valley Dowsers

If you are going to attempt to understand the importance of a subject as mind-bending as the relationship between quantum physics and the apparent reality of the world around you as experienced through dowsing, then it’s probably a good idea to sign up a polymath.

Anglophile US dowser, Jim Willis, is just such a person. A former college lecturer in comparative religion, Jim is a well-read academic across a wide range of inter-related subjects and a prolific author. He is also an accomplished jazz musician.

Jim’s self-effacing style is immediately and always endearing. Just as well, as on this occasion he lured us gently into the no-man’s-land that is the minefield between what we perceive and what might actually be out there - or should that be in here?

Wisely, he opened the proceedings with the well-known quotation attributed to Nobel laureate Richard Feynman that ‘If you think you understand quantum mechanics, you don't understand quantum mechanics’. Even the wisest of the wise have found this subject a tough nut to crack.

Like many of us, Jim seeks to appreciate how the teachings of religious and/or spiritual masters and mystics across the millennia can be reconciled with the emerging revelations of post-materialist science. A new generation of physicists is beginning to ask many of the same questions. They may be starting from the evidence derived from complex mathematics and laboratory experiments, while Jim and his colleagues are working from another endpoint - practical and psychological personal experience.

However, the convergence looks to be headed in the direction of that Holy Grail - the unified theory of everything. It’s an exciting time to be working in this realm, although a little voice in the back of my head whispers that the ancient Greeks were probably thinking something similar.

To illustrate his theory, Jim uses a five-stage pyramid - a slice of the pie of reality, as he puts it - to indicate how the source (aka the divine or perfect unity) is related, through the Akashic field and sub-atomic physics, to the everyday perception that we decode as our own reality.

Understandably, Jim puts a strong emphasis on the Akashic field as being the missing link between the here-and-now and the everlasting. In essence, it’s not conceptual rocket science to postulate that everything - every act, every thought, every intention - is out there somewhere in the barely tangible historical archives.

It’s just the little issue of establishing how anyone could actually reach it. As both a dowser and a theologian, Jim’s view is that this is exactly what we are doing when we ask dowsing questions. We bridge the chasm is a virtual manner.

He also suggests that shamen, who have plied their trade across a plethora of cultures and countless generations, are doing much the same. Their equipment and the rituals may be radically different, but the process is surprisingly similar - reaching through the veil to extract information not readily available in the workaday world.

Some might argue that extracting such data about what seems to us to be future events is more about potentiality than factual occurrence, but this was a presentation about profound concepts hidden in plain sight rather than a debate about the small print of impenetrable philosophy.

Jim’s contention that shamen, researchers in emerging physics and dowsers are, in essence, all doing much the same thing, is both reassuring and compelling. It makes sense of some the greatest divides in human existence - effectively by eliminating them at a stroke. Maybe the nature of our existence really is that simple after all.

In conclusion, as a Buddhist might say, life, as it appears to us, is just an illusion - or should that be an interpretation. So much gets lost in translation, and my Sanskrit is a bit ropey.

Many thanks to Jim Willis for presenting this session from his home in the US backwoods - via the wonder of everyday science. It was as insightful as it was enjoyable - and it was a deeply thought provoking exposé, cleverly disguised as a mid-winter, late night campfire chat. Proper job.

Nigel Twinn Tamar Dowsers

November 2022

Jim’s latest book ‘The Quantum Akashic Field’ is available through all good bookshops - or online if you must.

Or, you can find him on his YouTube channel:

or on his website:


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