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Nov 2021 - Joey Korn

Personal Space Clearing

A zoom presentation by Joey Korn

to the Thames Valley, Devon, Somerset,

Tamar and Trencrom dowsing groups

Joey Korn has been one of the stalwarts of the international dowsing community for more than a generation.

His first efforts at clearing unwanted energies from homes led him to find ‘columns’ of detriment located in bathrooms and closets, which subsequently spread to other areas of the places where people lived. While he was able to develop the ability to deal with these, he realised he was only treating the symptoms and, in a similar way to other like-minded house healers, he found that the original problem tended to recur over time.

However, around 20 years ago, and as part of his house healing work, he started to appreciate that certain defined and repeated energy patterns could be found in the places where people slept - and he therefore dubbed them bed patterns. The patterns themselves appeared to be quite harmless, and seemed to gradually develop throughout the life of an individual. However, in certain situations - such as when the client was suffering from trauma, stress or anger - detrimental earth energy appeared to leak into the bed pattern, possibly through the interconnection between the matrices in the sleeping places and geologically-based earth energy grids, such as those found by Hartmann and Curry, which form part of the textbook compendium of earth energy features dowsed by most specialists in that field.

Perhaps the most important and unexpected aspect of this phenomenon (left) was its close resemblance, at least in format, to the Tree of Life matrix (right), as set out in the ancient text of the Kabalah. However, whereas in the latter it is the crossing points that are most critical to an understanding of its meaning and influence, Joey was focussing on the lines themselves.

His discovery of the Kabalah pattern (in a second-hand bookshop) was ‘quite coincidental’, and seemingly separate to his home healing work, but it implies a close relationship between personally imprinted spatial matrices and the force of life itself.

He termed the harmful energy caused by the interrelationship between the bed pattern and the unbalanced earth energy, Interference Energy.

It seemed that the bed patterns were not harmful in themselves, and would not be the source of pain, stress or illness directly - but when imbued with negativity from elsewhere, it certainly appeared to exacerbate existing personally potentially dangerous scenarios, which might in turn manifest into physical symptoms and destructive miasmas.

His later dowsing experience led him to discover several further iterations of the basic ‘bed pattern’, with increasingly dense tranches of striations above and below the client’s resting place - indicating a more serious disturbance to the energetic template of the sleeper. He was only too aware that such scenarios demanded immediate remedial attention.

Interestingly, one of his associated insights here is that children under about 4 years old generate little or no ‘bed pattern’. The implication is that they come into our reality without this type of preformed non-physical attributes. But as the young human develops, more complex patterns arise - in a manner that could be termed typical spiritual development.

Much of Joey’s work today involves not only the identification and ‘clearing’ of discordant patterns - but also in the transmission of information about them to other dowsers, healers and practitioners. It has clearly become something between a vocation and a mission for him.

But creating a workable model of a multi-dimensional energy matrix was just a way-marker for JK. His real quest was to search out the cause, or causes, of the imbalance - and then to do something about it.

In a further development, Joey came to appreciate that not only do the basic patterns interact with the wider earth energy grids, but that any imbalances resulting in the patterns themselves can affect - and can transfer to - other susceptible people in the personal space of the original individual. He extends this concept to other people sharing that space successively - as in a hotel situation.

Despite the detrimental image weakening over time (implying it is effectively ‘man-made’), several people could be ‘infected’ by the transposed image, who in turn could pass it on to others with whom they come into close spatial contact.

He even takes the scenario one stage further in appreciating that other physically or spiritually linked actors, over a wider field of contact and influence, may also be adversly tainted by the primary disturbed energy pattern. Given that what is being described here is essentially a healing process, the implication is that at least the informational content of transmitted afflictions could be addressed by non-medical means. Pause for thought.

This interrelationship of all things may have become something of a mantra for the way alternative therapists view their field - and indeed how we dowsers make sense of the apparent world around us - but to see it being described, and then put into practice by Joey Korn really is a classic piece of practical grounding in action.

Perhaps surprisingly, Joey’s response to the almost unfathomable maladjustment of natural forces - be the source in the social mental, emotional, or spiritual realm - is simply to ask it to go away or, more precisely to ask the divine to take it away. Just like that.

His form of words for such a request is to invoke [however you envisage the divine in your reality] to follow the energy back to the source or cause of the imbalance, and to do whatever is needed to bring balance back to the person who sleeps in this bed or lies there. Thank you. Amen.

The approach is deceptively simple, but the homespun wisdom masks a raft of more complex questions. The subsequent Q & A session enabled him to expand on some of the issues underlying the processes involved, but left others - such as why bed patterns are only imprinted at a certain lateral height above ground - almost literally floating in space. But this was just a short introduction to a lifetime’s work, and it was never intended to provide a comprehensive explanation of the meaning of life, the universe and everything.

However, to mix metaphors somewhat, the proof of the remedy is very much in the healing - and Joey’s back catalogue of successfully completed assignments speaks for itself.

His goal now is to spread the word about his straightforward protocol for rectifying personal and societal maladjustment. Where better to start than with the community of thousands of dowsers and healers around the world.

The beauty of this approach is that each successive rebalancing not only clears the local issue, but spreads like a benign virus throughout everything and everyone associated with the initial subject and their contamination.

This even extends to the animal kingdom, or at least to the domestic pets and companions of the original client. It’s a noble objective, which deserves respect.

Like many of the more thoughtful members of his cohort, Joey openly asks people to apply his healing blessing - where it dowses as being appropriate - and then to feed back to him what has worked, and what hasn’t. We heard Veda Austin ask much the same in a recent zoom, and I know from personal experience that Billy Gawn (one of Joey’s revered UK contacts) also often gets to the point where he replies to your most earnest question with ‘I’ve no idea, please try it for yourself - and let me know how you get on.’

For Joey, it’s been a long, surprising and thoroughly enlightening journey already, and it is apparent from the way he speaks that he knows there is a good deal further to travel yet.

If you would like to get the full textual copy of his blessings, details of how to use them and diagrams explaining some of the concepts described above, feel free to contact him on

Many thanks to Joey Korn for speaking to us in such an open-hearted manner from his home near Augusta, Georgia.

Thanks, too, to Sue Scott Powell of the Thames Valley Dowsers for setting up and fronting the session - and, of course, to Gwynn for staffing the engine room.

Nigel Twinn

Tamar Dowsers

November 2021

Joey Korn shares his understandings in the revised edition of his book, Dowsing: A Path to Enlightenment. His web site is


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