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Dec 2021 - Dr Andrew Tresidder

Updated: Dec 27, 2021

Embodying Consciousness

The role of Flower Essences, Values and Principles

Dr Andrew Tresidder

MBBS MRCGP (1989) Cert Med Ed

A zoom presentation to the

Tamar, Devon, Trencrom and Somerset Dowsing Groups

First some definitions - the body is our human physical vehicle, whilst our consciousness is our awareness of the totality of our thoughts and feelings (that’s the human perspective from the ‘ground floor’ of self-consciousness).

Essence is the intrinsic nature of something, its indispensible quality.

Harmony is ‘agreement, sweet or melodious’, smooth and pleasing as in harmonic patterns.

Resonance is the concordance of two related patterns to be in tune together - also the amplification of, say, a sound - such as the echo in a cave.

Entrainment is the bringing into phase and balance and strengthening of a weaker pattern.

Flower and vibrational essences contain harmonious patterns of information, pure notes if you like, captured in liquid water and alcohol. Though this may sound strange, consider a round silvery plastic disc (a CD) which hides whole orchestras, bands, artists, films and landscapes - whilst the sophisticated cousin of a humble piece of sand - the silicon chip - can process and contain vast amounts of information. These three instances are all applications of information technology and memory devices.

May we share a story from long ago and far away? Once upon a time, there was nothing, and then, there was something. The something was first a knowing, and then the knowing became aware. It became aware that it knew, and wanted to know more. The knowing had a thought, and then many more. The thoughts became reality as they were energized by attention. Next, the knowing, through first thought and then energy, became manifest into matter. The matter took on form and patterns at different frequencies, the patterns grew and developed in harmony, and Consciousness was in the patterns. On Earth, in Nature, Consciousness slept in the rocks, stirred in plants, awoke in animals, and became self-Consciousness in Humanity. Patterns on Earth produced air, sea, land, rivers, mountains, forests, plants, insects, dinosaurs, reptiles, birds, fish and whales, and more recently humans. Consciousness is everywhere.

Consciousness plays with itself on many levels, and in humanity explores what it is like to be in a body, to experience gravity and the laws of science and nature, to feel, to know and to relate to others - and to itself. The mammalian body has needs and drives, including the autonomic nervous system (engine management) of sympathetic (Fight and Flight) and parasympathetic (Rest, Digest, Chill and Repair) - Consciousness learns about all of these. It learns about Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, from Safety, Security, Food and Shelter, through social interaction and explores the harmony of Love as a creative force. As human egos retune to Consciousness, we learn to be present, grounded, safe and still within our physical body, and learn the lessons of life - to be In-Tune, to work with our Intuition, our Inner Tutor.

Just as patterns can be in tune or out of tune, true to self, or out of balance, smooth or jangly - so can humans in their character and behaviour. Plants can flourish and blossom, or be stunted and withered. The three principles of harmony and healing are to first get the environment right, second strengthen the person, plant or animal, and thirdly to heal any wound or illness.

Human beings embody different unique personalities, they grow in balance and in harmony as they transit life’s experiences, or they go out of tune and become imbalanced. We may have different values - however common to many are respect for self and others, compassion, faith, humility, hope, gratitude, right use of power, courage, being present, being grounded and manifesting our will. Our Words are our projection of our will, as well as communication - harmonic patterns may include rhythm, cadence and rhyme, such as in poetry.

Life’s journey of learning encompasses Kolb’s Learning Cycle of Experience, Reflect and Learn, as we transit thousands and millions of experiences to completion, and accumulate wisdom. p 94.

Sometimes, we get stuck in the cycle - the experience has finished, but reflection is stuck in certain frames of mind, in loss or in incomplete understanding and learning - we go out of tune. Reflection has ceased on that issue. Who we are, our deepest essence, is always in tune, however our surface experience and attitude, bruised or tarnished by experiences, goes out of tune. The ego may be bruised but the essence is always clear.

Physics has moved on from Newtonian cause and effect. Insights from Einstein, Heisenberg and Bohm now help us appreciate that energy is interlinked with Matter (indeed, IS matter multiplied by the square of the speed of light E=mC2), that Thought influences Energy, and that Consciousness is intertwined with Thought (Physicist Jude Currivan’s book The Conscious Hologram explains this in detail). We now appreciate that Dark Matter contributes most of all the Universe’s energy and matter, pervades the Universe and appears to hold the stars in their orbits, whilst Dark Energy contributes to the accelerating expansion of the Universe. Conventional physics only describes perhaps 5% of physical reality. Understanding all this through the scientific method compels mainstream science (if it wishes to listen) to follow the experimental and experiential evidence, regardless of entrenched worldviews. ‘Follow the Science’.

Claude Shannon’s work shows that S=kLogW - the entropy (or order) of the energy of a gas and the information content of a system is exactly the same. Bohm told us that the observer and the observed are intricately entwined, even across Time and Space. Jung and others showed us that Consciousness is larger than our bodies and our egos, and that there are universal archetypes we can access with our minds, and that we all have access to our personal, and the universal, shadow of unresolved issues.

Putting this all together, C <> I <> E <> M (Consciousness <> Information <> Energy <> Matter). These are principles of Physics.

What about human software?

Hardware Body, Software Being (HWB, SWB)

Hardware bodies consists of blood, bones, pipes and pumps - and of course much more detail than this! Software being includes our energy body, chakras and meridians.

In Eastern thinking in India and China, mind body and spirit are seen as interconnected, with man standing as a bridge between heaven and earth. This view is not held in Western civilization, starting with Greek philosophers, who separated body and mind. In the 1500s, as scientists became interested in the body, they asked the establishment (the Medieval Catholic Church) for permission to dissect the body. Permission was given, on condition they did not touch the soul. So, for several centuries medical science has investigated the hardware of the body right down to molecular and electron microscope level but not looked at the software. Psychology is a comparatively young science, and much of it has been concerned with the mechanics of mind. (Applied energy psychology such as Emotional Freedom Therapy has been developed by therapists outside current university research.)

In ‘Energy Medicine’ James Oschman explains how our bodies are electronic as well as electric. Meridians of energy (Chinese acupuncture theory) may be information superhighways in the body, working along hydrated fascia, composed of crystal-like collagen; just as information flows across a silicon chip.

Insights from physics developed Information Technology to produce the wonders of devices: phones, computers and so on. Their hardware is based on chemistry and physics, and their software is based on physics. Current early 21stCentury Medicine is firmly rooted in chemistry, down to molecular structure, from the narrative of pathology, through anatomy and physiology, most diagnostics, to pharmacology and therapeutics. Current medicine largely ignores physics, except for CT and MRI scans and the IT used at work. In doing this, Medicine not only misses a trick, it holds back its own natural evolution into adding the use of informational harmony to all current practices.

Much of Biomedicine is based on reductionism to detail, ignoring the wholeness of the mind-body-spirit philosophy of older wisdoms. Healing is restoring harmony to the whole. As medical philosophy expands to include software of meridians, chakras, and the information technology of the human body, it will ever better help healing practitioners to help their clients.

Our neurophysiology developed over hundreds of thousands of years against harmonious mathematical patterns of green and blues, light and shade, trees, flowers, plants, rocks and mountains, clouds, rain, river and sea - so perhaps our faculties of reflection and consciousness are supported by exposure to nature. The Human Software Being and Reflection are retuned and helped to develop using patterns of harmony, and the Physics principles of Harmony, Resonance and Entrainment.

An example of Entrainment is the phenomenon of a room with several pendulum clocks, all set going at slightly different times, will over just a few hours all settle into a pattern of exact rhythm - just as an orchestra follows the beat of a conductor - much of modern IT relies upon these phenomena on silicon chips and other hard and software.

Health - harmony of body, mind and being - is the opposite to illness. To paraphrase Einstein:

“Health does not happen by itself, it requires understanding and effort”.

Fortunately, the default setting for human bodies and minds is to become healthy again: wounds heal, fractures mend, the immune system works, cells regenerate - given the right conditions!

The Role of Flower Essences

“O do not step upon the flower, but listen what she says…”

Informational patterns from nature help us resonate to patterns of quality and virtue – order as opposed to chaos - how and why, we do not know - it just seems that they do

Essences are tools to restore harmony, the agents of unlearning (in the process of Reflection) helping us to unlearn negative thoughts, feelings and patterns of behavior, and restore us to balance. As Arthur Bailey wrote: “Bailey essences are primarily concerned with growth and liberation. Their main emphasis is in helping us integrate mind body and spirit.” By observing Nature, we discover our own inner Nature.

Dorothy Frances Gurney’s poem runs:

The kiss of the sun for pardon

The song of the birds for mirth

You’re nearer God’s heart in a garden

Than anywhere else on Earth

Nature is full of grandeur, beauty, harmony and majesty. Nature contains harmonious patterns that calm the soul and free the mind. Forms in nature are based upon precise arithmetical and geometric patterns, progressions and proportions as described in the Art of Sacred Geometry. Sacred Geometry is used in great architecture and by masters of art. What else are the great Rose Windows and soaring columns and fan vaulting in great cathedrals than inspiration of patterns from nature – flowers and tree-trunks? These are all patterns of Harmony, each of which can Resonate with our software and consciousness, perhaps retuning us to greater Consciousness? Music also consists of mathematical ratios and patterns, as seen in a guitar.

I have practised evidence-based medicine since 1983, yet I remain fascinated by the effect of experience and environment, by art and creation, by Nature, music and poetry upon the human psyche and soul. Nature calms the soul and frees the mind. Scientifically post operative recovery improves when one can see a tree from the bed, forest bathing helps increase killer T Cells in the blood, and a whole host of other parameters are improved by contact with nature. Why should information from nature not benefit our health? - after all, perhaps it’s in our DNA!

Dr Bach discovered his 38 Bach remedies in the 1930’s. They have specific effects upon qualities of feelings and personality, retuning us to our potential, whether in confidence, self-esteem, love and kindness, optimism, tolerance, calm or freedom from fear. His method of making essences appears to capture informational patterns which act upon our psyche. The nearest analogy is that music can entrain our emotions, probably working upon human software rather than hardware. How and why musical patterns do this is only just being discovered - however it’s all back to Harmony, Resonance and Entrainment. We can all appreciate the difference between ‘smooth’ and ‘jangly’ in both music and nature. And since Dr Bach, many makers have made many thousands of essences from nature. Flower essences are becoming known as the ‘Lazy Tools of Personal Development’, helping us to learn - and unlearn - by reflection, about our own inner nature

C <> I <> E <> M (Consciousness <> Information <> Energy <> Matter). Simple really….. Follow the Science! And follow the harmony! Health and Self Care for Health Professionals, Dr Andrew Tresidder

The Handbook of Bailey Essences, Arthur Bailey pp12-15

The Cosmic Hologram, Jude Currivan

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