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Nov 2012 - Healing Your Home

A Talk at North Hill Village Hall

by Adrian Incledon-Webber

Adrian Incledon-Webber (we’ll call him AIW) has been the front man of the British Society of Dowsers’ Earth Energies Group for several years. Under his stewardship, the EEG has got back onto its feet as a forum for the investigation of all things related to the subtle energies of the planet and the people who are an integral part of it.

Over time, he has encouraged the group to expand away from just the study of lines and grids, which still form the bedrock of the field, to include many aspects of psychic and spiritual dowsing.

Marrying up the two ends of the dowsing spectrum in this way has had its critics, but AIW has trodden a careful path between the fundamentalists and the evangelists - always aided by the everyday use of his innate dowsing skill. He famously attracted over 100 people to an EEG event in Dorking, Surrey and the fact that over 40 turned up on a chilly December Sunday afternoon in East Cornwall was, to some extent, a recognition of his significance in the field.

AIW’s journey has led him to work on one of the most crucial aspects of everyday life - why some sensitive souls feel ill or depressed in their own homes. It is a well-known anecdote that many people feel better when they are at someone else’s house, or even just out on the open road. It doesn’t make a lot of rational sense. At home you have all the time and, in most cases, adequate resources to make your den or lair feel just as you want it to. But, all too often, that’s not the case. Sure, there may be more sun where you choose to take your holidays and the company of others will certainly cheer you up - but why would you be dissatisfied with your own personally-chosen and custom-fashioned nest? In truth, there are many, many reasons - and AIW’s home-healing checklist is getting longer all the time.

His professional work has taken him all over the country and, if we include the fact that he is predominantly a distance healer, all over the world. His clients come from all walks of life and, as often as not, are people at their wits’ end, having exhausted the practical process of making a home into a home.

The world has moved on rapidly and radically from the days when house-healing involved hammering in a couple of copper pegs at carefully chosen points in the garden - and in so doing, splintering and scattering unwanted negative energy throughout the neighbourhood. Today the house-whisperer applies subtle and selective means of dissipating the worst of the unwanted influences.

Adrian is a practitioner who relies largely on the directed application of intent (albeit backed up with many years of practical experience and endeavour). I feel it is a strange irony that the legendary Billy Gawn who, for so many years guided the EEG, has been succeeded by AIW. Billy, coming from a different tradition and a different generation, is someone who acknowledges the role of intent, but prefers the positioning of a strategically placed megalith to do the job properly. AIW, on the other hand, is someone who appreciates the need for the occasional lump of stuff, but uses his will and his consciousness to do most of the heavy lifting. I sense that by combining their approaches, we might actually have a genuinely comprehensive system for making a positive contribution to the healing of the planet. However, events seem to be unfolding too fast for such a considered reconciliation, and the application of what works well is the order of the day for most professionals in the field.

AIW gave a clear, practical example of his approach at North Hill by showing us a couple of the symbols from the Antahkarana system. These are icons originally found in the Bon-Po philosophy, which predates the Buddhist path in Nepal and Tibet. AIW placed a ‘male’ symbol at one end of a water line, which marks a subterranean stream running beneath the hall, and a ‘female’ symbol at the other. Most people immediately felt more alert and more comfortable - some even came to! We were then asked to dowse the extent to which any of our chakras were out of balance. Most of us had at least one chakra that was under-performing. We each then dowsed to find out if a male or a female symbol (or, in some cases, both) would help redress the balance.

After sitting on the divined symbol for a few minutes, a recheck of our states of health revealed that for the majority of us, the imbalances had been rectified. Questioners understandably asked if this would be a temporary or a permanent improvement. AIW stated that, from his experience, such changes are permanent features - at least as long as the energy matrix that caused the original problem remains unchanged.

Adrian’s approach is both structured and comprehensive, and is being refined all the time, as research into the field of geopathic stress develops. In this context, he acknowledged the input from Alan Neal in adding the impact of geological fault lines to his compendium of potential processes requiring attention.

Healing a home is no five-minute makeover, although many years of practice have foreshortened the process somewhat. However, as our own understanding of how the subtle energy matrix affects out wellbeing becomes clearer, so more aspects and avenues are becoming apparent. It’s an environment in evolution.

AIW hopes to have a book, describing his work and his experience, out in the public realm shortly, with some well-known publishers already showing an active interest. If the final product resembles the pre-proof version I have seen, then it could rapidly become a seminal work.

His previous DVD, Intuition - Your Hidden Treasure, sold out following the talk, but it can be obtained directly (as we say) from his Dowsing Spirits website.

In the meantime, AIW continues to help those feeling hopeless at home, while managing to make a living in the process. It’s a classic win/win.

Many thanks, as ever, to all those who helped to put this event together - and, of course, to Adrian himself for finding the time in a busy schedule of home healing commissions and EEG event organisation to pass on his knowledge.

Nigel Twinn

Tamar Dowsers

December 2012


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