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June 2003 - Nine Maidens

Updated: Dec 4, 2019

Map Dowsing with Annie Holland

Dowsing with a pendulum is easy - allegedly!

Yet even for a reasonably experienced dowser like myself, who is more comfortable with rods, finding answers using a pendulum can be somewhat problematic.  I’m sure it’s a bit like those 3D Magic Eye pictures - once you get the hang of what to do, it’s a piece of cake, but until then . . .

Thankfully I’m not the only one who struggles to replicate their rod work with a pendulum.  When Annie offered to run a workshop for us pendular remedials, there was a surge of interest – to the extent that some 16 TDs crammed into Jacki’s sitting room on a sunny summer afternoon for extra tuition.  Naturally, it would have been more comfortable out on the lawn, but we were kept in by the heat (for those of you reading this from the Southern Hemisphere, yes, this was in Cornwall, near England, in June – and we are choosing to stay in the shade!).

We had an enlightening, educational and enjoyable morning working through a series of exercises for dowser-and-pendulum, which Annie had prepared.  These culminated in map-dowsing a plan of the Nine Maidens stone circle at Belstone.

I think it’s fair to say that most of us found some of what we had dowsed with our pendula.  Water lines, earth energy and ley lines were all present - some of them even where we had sensed they might have been, which was encouraging.  

What we didn’t get a chance to check, were all the unexpected aspects of these lines.
Alan Neal took the opportunity to carry out some impromptu research for his forthcoming book on ley lines.  There were three leys present, all of different widths (strengths, wavelengths?), each having been laid down at a different period.  One, many thousands of years old, predated the stone circle altogether, a second dowsed to having been constructed around the time the circle was built, and a third was a surprisingly young 800 - 900 years old, and coincided reasonably closely with the last dowsed burial on the site.  It would have been easy to jump to the conclusion that this latest line was a Knights Templar phenomenon.  Was it laid down before the KTs? - no. Was it laid down after the KTs? - no.  Was it laid down at the time of  KTs activity in the South West? - yes.  Was it laid down by the KTs or their associates? - no.  Back to the drawing board.  Even an experienced dowser such as Alan was set thinking about this scenario - and another chapter for his book loomed into view.  

The end-of-the-day report on our pendulum work? - probably, could do better, so no change there.  But we were all encouraged, and that was really what it was all about.

Of course the really sensitive dowsers don’t use any tools at all - but maybe we’ll leave that session for a week or two.
Nigel Twinn
Tamar Dowsers
June 2003


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