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Jan 2013 - Dowsing and Healing

Dowsing and Healing for Optimum Health

A talk by David Lockwood to the Tamar Dowsers at North Hill Village Hall

The application of dowsing for health issues is a vast subject.  This was David’s second attempt at conveying his introductory workshop on the subject, but after an hour and a half of presentation and practical work, we were still

only part of the way through his material.  Given the evident interest in the subject, I am sure we will be calling him back for a third session in due course.

Over 40 members and friends turned out on a cold January Sunday to hear this talk.  Healing is one of the most significant parts of the modern dowsing canon, but unlike its fellow travellers - Earth energies, Archaeology and Water divining - it is an even more intangible concept to demonstrate.  We are therefore fortunate to have David amongst the ranks of the TDs, to provide a lucid explanation of how to engage with the discipline and what to look out for.

At its simplest, dowsing is just the search for information, much of which is not readily available to the other five senses.  But, as any medical professional (be they a mainstream doctor or an alternative shaman) will tell you, finding the cause of the malady is the most important and the most difficult part of the process.  This is where the dowser comes into their own. 

In essence, dowsing for imbalances and unhelpful presences in the human body or its surrounding auras, is no more difficult than finding buried arrow heads or etheric ley lines, lost dogs or lost civilizations.  While most health dowsing practitioners prefer to use the pendulum, as the exact location of the imbalance can be a tricky process - but dowsing for constitutional problems can also be undertaken using L-rods or any other tools of choice.  Many experienced healers have now gone deviceless because, as Billy Gawn explains so clearly, when you have been sensing the same energies often enough for long enough, you tend to find that you know the answer before the rod or the pendulum starts to swing.

However, not many of us have reached that stage just yet, and even if we had a good gut feeling about a suitable place to plant our runner beans, applying the same approach to another person’s ailment would require a different magnitude of confidence entirely!

David’s workshop started with a resumé of ‘the story so far’, explaining the basics of looking for issues within auras, and then extending that process to search out entities and attachments.   It is sometimes shocking for a newish dowser to appreciate that there is detrimental ‘energy’ - negative stuff that can do us real harm - floating about in the ether all the time.  It’s not just the coughs and sneezes that spread diseases, but the unpleasant intent and the cursory curse that pollutes the environment around us.

David was keen to point out that the vast majority of this detritus is essentially harmless to a healthy and happy individual.  However, when we are already depressed and/or our immune systems are weakened, this intangible flotsam can attach itself to us - as like attracts like.  To find out if you, or a friend, has acquired any attachments, just dowse for it - in just the same manner that you would for a water pipe or an energy spiral.   If you get a yes, don’t be alarmed.  Most of us get them from time to time without even noticing it.  It’s a bit like having all those unnoticed germs coursing around our bodies all the time.

The next stage is to ask how serious any of these attachments might be.  David uses a percentage system, with the answers in degrees of detriment.  This seems eminently sensible.  Tiny percentages can usually be safely ignored, but big numbers often indicate negative effects that might be picked up in a client’s physicality or personality.  At that point, the novice is well advised to consult a more experienced practitioner.  However, the next question can often be revealing.  Asking if it is safe and appropriate to attempt to remove the attachment will often give you a good indication of your own confidence and ability to undertake such work in any given circumstance.

The final part of the presentation – and the bit that probably most people expected to spend most of the time discussing – was just a simple, matter-of-fact request for the imbalance to be rectified.  As David pointed out, everyone has their own idea of where that request is directed.  The scientifically minded will be looking to their higher selves, the spiritually inclined will address their own view of the divine.  Either way, it’s a deep-seated intent to channel through the appropriate healing.  And that’s it!  Time for tea.

David was very clear in pointing out that idle dabbling with health dowsing is not a good idea.  If you are going to have a go - and he encourages us all to make the most of our dowsing ability in this respect – then make sure you have appropriate psychic protection.

For my own part, I am confident enough to carry out a high-level investigation – and to send out channelled healing when it feels appropriate to do so.  Beyond that, I merely relate my findings to those with more confidence and experience.  Professionals such as David have put in a huge amount of study and practice and are always there to help and support us.   The most exciting feature of the whole field is that there is a vast portfolio of case studies, which show that in many, many cases discovering information by dowsing and applying healing can work.

Many thanks, as ever, to all those who helped to put on this event - and especially to David himself.  From the conversations during refreshments, it was clearly much appreciated by those attending. 

Even for those for whom healing is not their primary dowsing interest there was much in David’s talk to mull over.

Nigel Twinn

    Tamar Dowsers

 January 2013

David Lockwood (who is also a member of the Duchy Healers group) can be contacted at: 

Innyside House, Trewen, Cornwall PL15 8QF     

email       tel 01566 86024


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