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Jan 2022 - Raymon Grace

A Conversation with Raymon Grace

A Zoom discussion with the Devon, Tamar, Trencrom,

Somerset, and Thames Valley Dowsing groups.

The format of this zoom was that various people had submitted questions in advance to the well-known dowser and healer, Raymon Grace - and he used these requests for information as the basis for a wide-ranging discourse on his remarkably varied life’s work.

Raymon’s view of the power of dowsing is simple - we have almost unlimited potential to effect change in water, in the landscape, in others and in society. The only thing that holds us back is that we set limits on it ourselves. If we believe we can’t do something, then we probably can’t, but if we don’t ask or don’t feel we need to ask, we can just get on with it - and most of the time it works. Clearly, in the real world, things are a bit more complicated, but as a working hypothesis in his own life, it has provided him with a substantial back-catalogue of client-substantiated successful healing interventions.

Given the volume of requests for assistance that he receives, he has little time to follow up all of his healing projects individually. However, he can gauge the real value of his work from the significant number of emails he receives thanking him - often in a fulsome manner - for his assistance.

He has undertaken cleansing work on six continents, and his incoming mailbag is evidently refilling all the time. Word of mouth has always been the best recommendation - if you want a good plumber, ask a friend you can trust, so if you want a healer who has delivered results in the past . . .

Although he entered the field as a water dowser, he soon realised that he could apply the craft to just about anything and everything in everyday life. It didn’t seem to matter if they were situations of which he had no first hand knowledge, and they often related to activity at a considerable distance. As he points out, he has done work remotely from his home deep in the mid-west of the US for clients in coastal Western Australia, which probably is about as far away from him as you can get on planet earth.

As a younger man, he was taught how to cleanse the detriment from a glass of impure water. His tutor would hold the water sample next to his forehead and, using all his concentrated intent, he was able to turn dirty liquid into drinkable water. Raymon soon realised that the glass was a self-imposed limitation, and that he (and, by extension, almost anyone else) could do much the same to a whole panfull, a whole barrelfull or, in one startling example that he cited, a whole reservoirfull of water.

A prime example of ignoring limitations that others might consider second nature, and one that he often uses in his talks, comes from his early days as a water dowser. A farmer in Canada contacted him to ask if he could clear arsenic pollution from a well on his land. Raymon had no experience of the situation, and didn’t really know what arsenic contamination was at the time. However, by turning the commonsense approach on its head, he did clear up 90% of the detriment - and most of the rest at a second attempt. He just took the view that he didn’t know that he couldn’t do it, so he gave it a go - and it worked. He had no idea of the science behind the action, but that wasn’t his concern. He was asked to try to eliminate the impurity, so he did.

His back catalogue is littered with similar stories and similar themes. Don’t ask if you can, or should, or may - just get on with it. It’s not PM Thatcher’s ‘just do it and disregard everyone else’, it’s more ‘if you think it’s the right thing to do, don’t let anyone talk you out of it - in fact, don’t even tell them what you are doing’.

Sending healing by intent, but without the permission of the recipient, would raise a few hackles this side of the pond, but RG seems to take the view that you should do what you believe to be right, and it will work out for the best, regardless. At least, that’s his personal experience.

His message to everyone is that they, too, have the power to do this type of work. All you need is the confidence and the desire - and the rest will follow.

His approach has taken him into other areas of much greater subjectivity. He has used his demonstrated ability to cleanse schools, hospitals, prisons and, perhaps even more controversially, government offices. His contention is that antisocial behaviour and selfish actions are caused primarily by ‘entities’ and ‘demons’. Entities are just former humans with mal-intent, whereas demons are - for the want of a better phrase - from another dimension. If you can eliminate these, then public places where people gather will become calmer and more positive. Again, he can cite any number of cases where his intervention has brought about positive change - at least in the eyes of the many respondents who have taken the time and effort to write back to him after the event. No mention was made of buildings occupied by corporations, but maybe that was just a cultural difference.

Having spent much of my life in such institutions, I feel that I have certainly rubbed shoulders with a few bad eggs, and there were others with whose ethics I disagreed strongly, but I would find it hard to describe even the worst of my many Managers as demonic. Maybe I was just lucky, or maybe I was the bad guy all along - answers on a postcard!

In Raymon’s experience, demons tend to be attracted to certain places or activities - taking hard drugs, severe abuse, mingling with ‘low life’ even if it is a necessary part of your job.

However, he adds perspective on the need for this exorcist-type of activity, by saying that demons are actually quite few and far between - and even harmful entities are not an everyday occurrence. ‘There’s no need to run away from things that aren’t going to chase you’ - adding that anyone sufficiently advanced on their journey to be interested enough to tune in to this workshop is probably not currently being dogged by either.

One interesting caveat to this aspect of his work is that he feels there is no need to ask for protection from such unpleasantness, as you always have the ability to protect yourself. On the one hand, you can sense the outlook of the self-sufficient frontiersman, and on the other, the antipathy to establishment church doctrine that requires you to ask for help from a more benign and more powerful third party guardian. Raymon espouses freedom of the individual in its raw form. You have the power to look after yourself, and to help anyone who seeks your assistance - don’t spend the next few days dithering or deconstructing it, just get on with it.

Despite the radical differences in style and background, there is an interesting correlation between Raymon’s approach and the work of the late Christopher Strong. CS would insist that you can solve, or at least be a bridge to solving, anything that comes your way (otherwise you wouldn’t have come across it, or it wouldn’t have presented itself to you in the first place). In the presence of either of these guides, you can feel empowered to achieve almost anything. The proof of the pudding comes when you are out in the field on your own.

Raymon shares his work and his experience freely, and he has established the Raymon Grace Foundation to further the dissemination of his ideas.

Many thanks to Raymon for presenting this very different type of zoom to us.

Interestingly, he spoke right though to the end of his session clearly assuming that there were just a few people watching (in speaker view), only to find that there were almost a hundred of us at the close. He was willing to put as much effort into talking to half a dozen people, as to a whole hall full, which certainly wins him brownie points in my book.

Nigel Twinn

January 2022

For more information on the work of Raymon Grace, please see:

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