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Feb 2022 - Michelle Gordon

Are You from Another Planet?

A zoom presentation by Michelle Gordon to the

Devon, Tamar, Trencrom, Somerset and Thames Valley dowsing groups

When an apparently well-balanced and very articulate person tells you that they are an alien, alarm bells start to sound - for most of us, it’s unavoidable. There is a kind of sensual dissonance in the idea, which is hard to claw back into focus. While part of the paradox is textual, much of it is because your intellect and your intuition appear to be trying to pull something different from the same information. Taking it straight leaves a hard circle to square.

Whether you found this session a welcome homecoming or an inextricable challenge probably depended on your own conception of reality - and, of course, whether you really are from another planet. Michelle Gordon is an author, with close to twenty books and a raft of YouTube videos to her name. But for the purposes of this audience, her relevance is in being both a channeller and spiritual entrepreneur - but also an Atlantean (as in formerly a resident of Atlantis).

Michelle feels that significant numbers, and increasing numbers of people are, in effect, beings from other worlds. And the character types they display in their current incarnation are an indication of their previous existences.

She described the attributes of those humans that she terms Earth Angels - a primary form being either Incarnated Angels, Incarnated Elementals, Star people or Old Souls. There is also a secondary hierarchy of hybrid Earth Angel genres - including Atlanteans, Merpeople, Leprechauns, Cherubs, Mystic Angels and ‘Walk-ins’.

These Walk-ins are souls who exchange their existence with someone who is physically in transition, but going the other way - after an accident, undergoing major surgery or simply tired of their current life. Dowsers will recognise the parallel with the personality changes in some of those who have undergone Near Death Experiences. Not all such trading of places is entirely benign. Michelle recounted the case of her own early inspiration, Doreen Virtue, who went from an uplifting protagonist of Earth Angelism to adopting the role of fundamentalist Christian, ditching all of her previous work, even removing her name from her own widely published books.

As she explains, from a dowser’s perspective, we have the chance to ask if we, too, are - or have been - beings from another part of the universe at some stage. If so, what type might we be, and what might that mean for our ability to cope with other people. She even suggested that we might find it illustrative to dowse members of our family, or our friends - but did advise anyone so doing not to tell the subject that they are really an alien, as it might not necessarily be taken as a compliment.

She took the discourse one stage further by mentioning the issue of those members of society living with autism or ADHD - and indicated that she felt herself to be on the spectrum. In her opinion, many of those on that spectrum could well be Earth Angels of one kind or another - and that it may help to explain their difficulty in resonating with the types of lower order energy typically found on this planet.

This is just the kind of presentation that has led to deep divisions in the dowsing community over the years. While the spiritualists are keen to promote the awareness of alternative views of the non-physical, the physicalists avoid the whole subject like a pandemic - and are unwilling to have their names appear in the same society, let alone share the same platform. But Michelle just tells it as she finds it - and as she lives it. She is comfortable being an Atlantean/Old Soul and it helps her to understand the psyches of people in her own social circle. It enables her to appreciate why they tend to do certain things, and why they react in the way they do. As participants mentioned in the Q&A session at the end, this type of personality trait association with otherworldliness has some close parallels with astrology.

It would be easy to dismiss this approach as pure fantasy, yet the momentum of the moment is changing. While the chances of encountering a humanoid in souped-up spacecraft remain vanishingly slim, the appreciation of possible alternative alien life forms is morphing rapidly into our awareness. Add to that the emerging concept in dowsing circles that many, if not most, entities are actually non-material - possibly even mainly informational - then why couldn’t previous or parallel lives have occurred in other realms or dimensions?

If you don’t feel comfortable with your earthly existence, have a strong sense of purpose to change the world around you and/or find the people with whom you are obliged to share the same space-time unfathomable, then you might well be from elsewhere yourself.

Many thanks to Michelle Gordon for introducing these fascinating ideas. While some participants were clearly signed up to accepting her experience at face value, I feel others may have been metaphorically scratching their heads. But, as they say, there was electricity before Faraday and gravity before Newton, so maybe there has been alienity before Gordon. Time will tell - in fact it may already have done so.

Nigel Twinn

Tamar Dowsers, February 2022


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