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Feb 2022 - Adrian Incledon Webber

Healing Your Home (2)

Adrian Incledon-Webber

A zoom talk for the Tamar, Devon, Trencrom,

Somerset and Thames Valley Dowsing Groups

From humble hovels to princely palaces, Adrian Incledon-Webber (aka AIW) has been healing homes, both from interest and as a livelihood, for almost as long as I have been dowsing.

His association with the world of property-with-problems started while he was a pre-enlightenment estate agent in stockbroker-belt Surrey. Even in those days, you didn’t have to be a sociologist to understand that most houses sold once, and once only - while others kept coming back onto the market like the unavoidable bad penny. They were dubbed ‘divorce houses’ in the trade, due to their association with marital breakdown. AIW realised this was not normal, yet there was little to set them apart in the flysheet prospectus, either structurally or locationally, from an array of other homes of a similar style.

Eventually, he came to understand that there was a whole world of non-physical attributes operating behind the scenes - and his life, and his outlook on life, changed forever.

To cut a long story short, he compiled his work-to-date into his first book Heal Your Home which, with the help of Michelle Gordon, has proved to be a runaway success. HyH not only explained the roots and principles of etheric building improvements, but also included some of his checklists for the DIY enthusiast.

However, cyber-property-management is a relatively new field, and the appreciation of what causes a home to be sensed as a sub-optimum dwelling is still very much work-in-progress. Heal Your Home (2) takes the journey one stage further, deconstructing some of the dark-art imagery, whilst adding in a few more layers of complexity for good measure.

AIW made the point that dowsing your home is dimensional. It exists, at least in potential, in various dimensions and timeframes - and it’s important to stay well grounded - dowsing in this life and in this quadrant of spacetime. As a corollary example, he notes that lots of alternative questors have a strong belief in the former existence of Atlantis, but even those who put forward places such as Santorini as a possible genesis for the myth, haven’t made much progress in relating it to the historical timescale.

Dowsing a house takes on yet another aspect if we consider that time itself, at least as we think of it in the historical period, is something of a misconception, verging on an illusion. This may be the essence of an explanation for flashbacks and déjà-vu moments - but it’s also important to appreciate that when healing a house, we may need to consider both ourselves and our homes in other timelines.

Adrian feels that sometimes our personal beliefs hold us back when it comes to healing. Not only do our inherited religious and philosophical standpoints tend to colour our judgement, but a simple lack of confidence can often stymie our ability to heal our personal environment.

As a workaround, he encourages novices to take the ‘What would AIW find here?’ route, when all else fails. Lots of us do that with respect to our own mentors and guides in other dowsing fields so, why not give it a try with HyH work?

Homes can be tainted by the informational remnants of mental illness, such as dementia, or a lack of self-love, or lingering regrets and family breakdowns. Encouraging these unwanted impairments to pass over to where they can be safely handled may enable a home to become rebalanced and emotionally warmer.

AIW’s work has required him to reach out into the field of pseudo-science, in the search for pseudo-explanations that make sense to sceptical householders, but he retains a serious, rational interest in coming to terms with the phenomena that he has encountered all too often. In this respect, he is grateful to his predominantly left-brained colleague and Tamar Dowser Paul Gerry, for keeping him on the straight and narrow (well, at least some of the time).

Adrian is of the opinion that the thymus gland (situated between the heart and throat chakras) has a part to play in absorbing information from our ongoing conversation with Mother Earth and the wider universe. Mentally concentrating on boosting the health of this physical organ - which tends to decline in the over 50s - can improve our own emotional wellbeing, and with it our ability to cope with household imbalances.

But the core of his work remains the evaluation and treatment of earth energy currents, flows and patterns in all shapes and sizes. He freely acknowledges the debt he owes to the modern researchers of the concept - including the work of Tamar Dowser, Alan Neal, in emphasising the significance of geological faults underpinning detrimental energy lines and, of course, the seminal input of Hamish Miller to the field. He adds to this canon, his own investigations into what he terms dynamic energy lines, which he explains in detail in his latest book.

His working experience has led him to appreciate the impact of stress lines on domestic environments - ancestral, historical, modern and current (think covid and its repercussions). Even his own home had recently been subject to a ‘new’ stress line of this type, which needed to be addressed.

But stresses and imbalances come in various forms. Many of these are only experienced by an active practitioner who is likely to come across them often enough to gain a practical knowledge of how to implement an effective resolution. He cites fears and traumas in the population and harmful frequencies in the landscape. Residues of vows, especially (as a divorcee himself) marriage vows, and of other social contracts can be a persistent difficulty. As he notes, everything that we have said, thought or intended is still ‘out there’ - and while we can never erase it from history AIW, and spirit workers of his ilk, can at least dampen down its detriment in the present.

That which is no longer relevant, yet which continues to taint the day-to-day world, can be safely passed over to spirit for healing and recycling. In this respect, being a channel for good is perhaps the highest form of achievement to which we can strive.

Adrian has built up a solid client base, on the platform of word-of-mouth recommendation. People (including some of not-inconsiderable earthly wealth and status) don’t keep coming back if they are not well satisfied - so his track record speaks for itself.

Despite his considerable experience, he is the first to accept that he is always learning - and if not quite the novice, never the finished article. He is very aware that during the pandemic lockdowns, the Earth Energy community has opened up exciting new fronts into the ongoing project that seeks to understand more about the energy flows on and under the surface of planet earth.

Adrian originally came into this field as an Earth Energy dowser and, as the smoke starts to drift away from the battlefield, he hopes to be fronting up a twice-postponed Earth Energies Reignited gathering in Wiltshire later in the Spring. Much has come to pass in recent times, but away from the tabloid headlines, the EEG and its acolytes have been quietly getting on with the task of getting to grips with the invisible world of subtle energy flows.

He may not be the only kid healing the block, but AIW has come across a lot more than most - and he’s very open to sharing what he has found so far with anyone interested enough to listen.

Many thanks, as ever, to Adrian for giving us another insightful presentation from his own home in a rather wintry North Yorkshire.

Nigel Twinn

Tamar Dowsers

February 2022


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