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Dec 2021 - Sandy Humby

Sandy Humby

Rose Alchemy

A zoom presentation to the Thames Valley,

Trencrom, Tamar, Devon and Somerset Dowsing groups

There may be as many ways of making sense of the information field, as there are dowsers - or indeed human beings. However, some seem to find a particularly rich vein of understanding that transcends the logical reductionism of the age. For Hampshire-based healer, Sandy Humby, it is the Way of the Rose.

Sandy talks about roses and ‘Rose’ in the same tone of reverence that others reserve for the earth mother or the green Goddess. For her it is an ever-present and underlying presence in everything that she undertakes - and it is a journey that is hugely important to addressing the legacy of the Magdalene wounds. While this was a talk given by a woman, and from a woman’s perspective, it spoke to the divine feminine aspect in all of us.

Sandy has been deeply involved in rose-orientated activities for much of her life. For a couple of decades, she decorated the products of her couture wedding dress design business with rose imagery of all kinds - it was almost a kind of logo for the bespoke clothing.

However, it wasn’t until 2010, during a visit to the Alhambra Palace in Grenada, Spain, that the epiphany of Rose finally manifested itself to her. She had always felt a calling to go there, and it had been on her bucket list for ages, but only during a personal crisis did the opportunity to visit the site finally arise. By her own admission, she was somewhat unprepared for the journey or for the impact of the total floral immersion - but she ended up spending four days of sheer joy and enlightenment amongst the architecture and, most importantly, the extensive rose gardens of that magnificent location.

Perhaps inspired by the Moorish roots of the Alhambra, Sandy often refers to some of the writings of the Sufi poets - especially Rumi and Ibn Arabi - in her work.

That experience led her to appreciate the potential significance of Rose for the health and wellbeing of humankind. It encouraged her to develop and use rose essences in her healing work, and to employ the power of rose patterning for healing purposes.

She explains how Rose awareness is at the core of many esoteric and philosophical ways of looking at the world, in particular that of the Rosy Cross (of which she has evolved her own version) - and its association with the Rosicrucians.

Many dowsers will be aware of the informational imprinting work of Masaru Emoto and, more recently, of Veda Austin. Here, Sandy Humby merges a similar conjunction of ideas to enhance the wellbeing of her clients. She advocates the placing of an image of a rose - on a card or a coaster - under a glass of water to purify it, and to imbue it with the ‘spirit of Rose’. Even five minutes of this interactive proximity can make a difference. Many of us use drawn or sculpted spirals under jugs of tap water to do much the same - changing both the taste and the non-physical ambience of the original liquid in the process.

In another significant overlap with the dowsing community, Sandy spent a decade working with Christian Kyriacou in setting up the House Whispering project. Christian is well-known in the dowsing world, and has given talks and workshops for both the British Society of Dowsers and the Earth Energies Group in times past.

This cooperative work involved integrating the wisdom of the Feng Shui approach - and subsequently Sandy has developed her own version of the ‘Rose bagua’.

Perhaps the most direct correlation with the dowsing worldview is her appreciation of the structure of the rose flower as sacred geometry. Apparently, the way the petals form and unfold describes a perfect pentagon, with a golden heart at its core.

In the Q and A at the end of this session, there was a discussion about whether the humble, but noble, wild or dog rose was more or less effective as a healing tool than its extravagantly bred distant cousin found in the local Garden Centre. Sandy’s reply was that ‘it’s horses for courses’. While the highly hybridised form has its uses, and its obvious attractions, the earlier incarnations have the same sacred geometry and much the same informational essence.

Sandy sums up her work as:

‘The Way of The Rose is the path of Love and weaves together my personal story and journey for this and many other lifetimes. In 2014 I published Rose Alchemy: Rose Oracle for the heart. The sum total of 4 years of my developmental work with the Rose frequencies that brought together all of my learnings and study through my life. That led of course to the natural connection with silk and the printing of the Rose energies onto scarves and Rose Power Mats to bring beauty and healing into our daily lives.’

Many thanks to Sandy Humby for this talk, which was most uplifting at a time when events around the world seem to be closing in once again. It is always important to realise that even in the darkest of days here on the physical veneer of reality, there are deep positive forms, trends and directions of travel which transcend time and space. There are many ways of accessing this benevolent viewpoint, of which the Way of the Rose is clearly a very attractive one.

Many thanks too, to Sue Scott Powell of the Thames Valley Dowsers for setting up this presentation, and, of course, to Captain Gwynn for pressing all the right buttons.

Nigel Twinn

Tamar Dowsers

December 2021

For more details about the work of Sandy Humby - and her product range - please see:


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