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Oct 2019 - Crystal Healing

Updated: Jan 4, 2020

A Sue Weaver workshop at North Hill Village Hall

Crystal healing and dowsing are very much fellow travellers, in that both seek out and use intangible ‘energies’ for the benefit of all.

Sue Weaver has been exploring the properties of crystals from across the world for over two decades. She has run courses on the subject for much of that time, and her latest one is already fully booked. If, like myself, you think you understand what crystal healing is all about, think again - this is a deep subject with complex and profound applications.

Those who felt that this might be a bit of an airy-fairy subject were in for a surprise, as we spent the first part of the workshop delving into the chemistry and geology of the constituent minerals that can be described as crystalline - and where they can be found. Perhaps even more surprisingly, the session actually started with a consideration of what exactly is a crystal, and an appreciation that crystal chandeliers, decanters etc. are in fact not made of crystal at all - they are just nicely cut glass!

The majority of crystalline rocks exhibit an external shape (cube, pentagon, tetrahedron etc), which mirrors their internal molecular structure. As above, so below. Although time prevented Sue from covering the whole range of crystalline materials, it was apparent that there are a huge variety of such stones. For the purpose of this workshop, we largely concentrated on the various forms of quartz - including agates and jaspers.

There are various schools of thought as to what it is about quartz crystals that make them the so powerful - to the extent that they have been found to be the most commonly used health-promoting rock type carried by shamen across the globe, and belonging to numerous, otherwise unrelated, ancient cultures.

There are those who claim that the most significant property of crystals is purely their colour. However, others feel it is more to do with their shape or, probably more importantly, their constituent material. The intent involved in the placement of the crystals certainly also seems to pay a part, as does their relationship to one another. Sue takes the view, typical of many dowsers, that it’s probably a combination of many of these factors.

Part one of the workshop concluded with a brief exploration of three small pieces of crystal (white quartz, rose quartz and haematite). We were asked to hold and sense each one separately. Although there was insufficient time for a group discussion on the outputs, it was apparent that many had felt something tangible, even by cradling the crystals for such a brief period.

Sue makes no specific claims for the technical properties of her materials but, having had twenty years of experience in their use, she is very aware of the benefits consistently reported by her students and her clients - many of which correspond with those described in the academic sources on the subject.

In the second part of the presentation, Sue went on to show how crystals could be used even more effectively when used in combination, and especially in patterns. Some of the more vibrant and energetic patterns relate to the classic arrangements of sacred geometry.

Her view is that the constituent parts of each pattern, or grid, interact with one another. If these are set out in certain specific groups, orientations and alignments, their impact can be boosted many-fold. If you add in the intent of the participants, expressed either in quiet meditation, chanting, drumming or dancing, then the surge of ‘energy’ generated by the grid can be increased even further.

Sue, together with her partner Marcus Mason, have travelled the world setting up and setting out crystal grids, and they have been assisted in their endeavours by local people.

There are numerous parallels and similarities between the use of crystals and dowsing - and indeed to other related activities. Perhaps the most obvious one is that both activities are essentially intuitive. Although crystals have physicality, their properties (information) are absorbed by humans in an intuitive manner.

When Sue is about to set out a grid, she will often take some time to tune in to the task in hand. Choosing the appropriate stones, their positioning and their patterning is all achieved through a sense of ‘feeling’ what is most appropriate to deliver the purpose of the task in hand. As Sue says, while there is no harm in posting pretty patterns on Instagram, to produce a full-functional crystal grid takes thought, dedication and precision.

There is a comparison here to some of the mandalas of the Buddhist traditions, which are often created painstakingly in sand, only to be swept away once the goal has been achieved. Crystal grids are usually temporary structures, sometimes re-assembled several times along a journey.

Another striking crossover with dowsing is that the earth energy dowser, Billy Gawn, has shown how any objects of mass interact with one another to produce lines of attraction (akin to gravitational waves). Crystal grids appear to take this network one stage further, by recognising not just the strength and width of the inter-connecting lines, but also the nature and quality of them.

Many thanks to Sue (and to Marcus) for coming to talk to us. The turnout in the mid-40s certainly indicated the level of interest in this fascinating subject. And many thanks, as ever, to all those who helped to put on the event - and to clear the hall afterwards.

Nigel Twinn

Tamar Dowsers

October 2019

Sue can be contacted at:


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