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August 2004 - Restormel Castle

What a magnificent site in a spectacular setting. It was surprising to discover such a well preserved, 'complete' ruin standing proud on its mound with a well defined moat surrounding its base.

Eleven members of the Tamar Dowsers plus young Zoe gathered in the English Heritage car park before walking the short distance through the gate to the focal point of the day's dowsing - Restormel Castle.

The whole area was enveloped in a calm and rather pleasant atmosphere and the sunny day, with its September warmth, was almost too soporific for dowsing. But dowse we did and engaged the genuine interest of the volunteer on duty to boot.

Energy lines were discovered crossing in the chapel - it was considered that the building had been erected to stand out from the castle's main circular walls to encapsulate the power of the lines - and the rods defined the site originally taken up by the altar. We also ascertained the two water courses supplying the well, the edges of the roadway just wide enough to accommodate two horsemen riding side by side, the buildings on the land outside the castle walls (findings which did not directly correspond with the artist's impression on the information board), and we discussed the profound effect experienced by several members of the tragic lost spirit of a 17 year old boy who was eventually sent on his way.

All in an afternoon's dowsing.

Ruth McCoryn

Tamar Dowsers

September 2004


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