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March 2019 - Holy Sites:Sacred Places

Updated: Jan 5, 2020

Adrian Incledon-Webber at North Hill Village Hall

Over 50 Tamar Dowsers and friends (and Annie the dog) gathered to hear Adrian Incledon-Webber (AIW) give his talk entitled Holy Sites and Sacred Places.

He opened with the question: How do we know how our ancestors felt? I’m sure I wasn’t the only one in the room not to have considered this before.

Along with an explanation of some of the things that could make a site ‘holy’, such as intent or common interest, he told us about a number of places that have varying degrees of holiness. Crediton church, in Devon) has lots of ‘holy lines’, while Ledbury church, (in Herefordshire) has lots of underground water - which helps its acoustics, but energetically the ‘holy lines’ are not in place.

Dunkeld Cathedral (in Scotland), on the other hand, seems to be energetically dead. Meanwhile, a modern man-made sculpture near Harrogate, in Yorkshire, called The Coldstones Cut, created with no known intended connection to the earth, is attracting, or creating, its own energy patterns.

The first holy sites were almost certainly springs - and springs inside a cave would have been especially revered. It is easy to see how huge ‘caves’ or cathedrals, like the one at Lourdes, would grow up around such springs, as a result of years of focus and devotion from pilgrims and visitors.

There were more intriguing questions to be considered: How did a church feel, just after it was built? - and: How long was it before it felt sacred?

Next, Adrian turned his attention to homo sapiens. In many cases, the holy sites appeared to have been designed and built by humans seeking a closer or better connection to other realms.

In AIW’s view, WE ourselves are sacred sites. To function effectively, we need to know who we are, respecting the self - and understanding that we are unique and acceptable, just as we are. We can increase and raise our vibrations when we connect with sacred sites, and he believes that it is precisely this interaction between the sacred energy patterns and ourselves that creates the pictures in the ether that Hamish Miller called pictograms. The work of Northern Ireland dowser, Billy Gawn, got a mention, too.

There followed a short healing session, during which we visualised ourselves lying inside one of the man-made chambered passage cairns found in Brittany.

There was, by this time, a perceptible increase in the energy and the vibration of the room, and I felt a sense of greater optimism. Adrian gave us a timely reminder that we should remember to connect with Mother Earth as well as with the higher realms.

In response to a question from the floor, Adrian declared his belief that humans are a conduit between the Universe and the Earth - and that many people were becoming more sensitive, and are finding their own pathways in the world.

His whole talk was full of inspirational and positive energy which, although it was difficult to define, meant that I returned home feeling more reassured and full of hope.

AIW is a seasoned and experienced presenter, who relies heavily on his own extensive experience, albeit laced with the thoughts and findings of his fellow travellers. This talk was part of series he had been giving across the south of England, and it was apparent that his sessions had been both lively and very well attended - to the extent that he had run out of books to sell, with still a visit to the Devon Dowsers to follow a couple of days later!

Many thanks to Adrian and Allyson for the giving us this talk - and, as ever, to all those who helped the TDs to put on this event.

Ros Twinn

Tamar Dowsers

March 2019


Spirit and Earth (with Tim Walter)

ISBN 9780995755505

Heal Your Home

ISBN 9780995755512

Courses (at Avebury):

29/30th June Healing with our Ancestors

21/22nd September Working with Sacred Earth Energies

For more details about Adrian’s books and courses, or to sign up for his website, please see

Enquiries: tel. 07778 050419



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