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May 2002 - First Field Event at Polson Bridge

Updated: Dec 4, 2019

Fifteen members turned out at 5pm in the somewhat adverse weather - enthusiasm and good humour being the order of the day.

We walked along the south bank of the River Kensey, clutching our copies of the map of the site of the Leper Hospital kindly supplied by Alan Neal.

While interpreting the responses of our dowsing implements, we were joined by the owner of the farm, who showed us an ancient stone and brick wall which adjoined a cottage garden near to a bend in the river. 

He told us that the cottage garden contained an ancient slate floor and the whole of that area was littered with broken pottery tiles.  He further explained that we were standing in an ancient burial site, which yielded up human bones over the years; for re-burial.

There were so many interesting discoveries that Andy Reeves had made, that we were left in no doubt that we now knew the site of the Leper Hospital and other ancient sites, one of greater antiquity.

Thank you Alan Neal and Andy Reeves for making this a fascinating evening.

Derrick Palmer

Tamar Dowsers

May 2002


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